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The Accidental Entrepreneur

Owner & founder of CastCoverz!, Annette Giacomazzi, started out just like any other empathetic mom… wanting to make her daughter’s 6th broken bone a little more bearable. Annette began creating cute & fun covers for Elli’s casts, which quickly evolved into slings, seasonally themed cast covers– you name it! The ideas just kept coming!  Friends and family are supposed to “ooh” and “aah” and be supportive of an injured child or a mom with an idea.  But, it’s when strangers stopped them on the street that Annette had her “AHA!” moment and CastCoverz! was born.

First, Annette’s family contributed as the hands and feet of the business, out of their home.  The first employees even worked out of their home!  Eventually, CastCoverz! expanded to a warehouse that required a full team of sewists, shippers and customer service gems! Having found a unique niche in the orthopedic retail market, Annette created a flourishing business.

Fast forward 13 years, CastCoverz! is now the largest online retailer for orthopedic products and has earned its title by providing fun & functional products to comfort orthopedic patients. We are proud to have served hundreds of thousands of customers and retailers around the world.

Share Your Story!

Our customers are the heart & soul of our success! We LOVE seeing how CastCoverz! has helped you Feel Better so you can Heal Better! Share your family-friendly stories with us at cs@castcoverz.com for a chance to be featured on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/castcoverz)

More Info

Questions about sizing or custom cast covers? Give us a call 1-800-CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268)

Cover your Arm Cast: CastCoverz! Armz!

Cover your arm cast with CastCoverz! Armz!

Armz! keeps your cast CLEAN and prevents snagging on your clothes or skin. Available in all sizes, Armz! can be customized to fit your cast, both short or long arm casts (no matter how big or small it may be).

Not only is Armz! one of our most FUNctional products, but it also brightens your cast with fashionable flair. Wear your personality on your arm (literally), by choosing from a plethora of our favorite, stretchy (and machine washable) fabrics. From simple solids to bold & beautiful prints, we offer our customers the BEST designer wear to decorate your arm cast.

Beautiful bride with custom cover in matching lace.

Questions about sizing? No problem! Our team of Customer Service Happiness Gurus will be happy to serve you; give us a call at 1-800-CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268) or visit our website https://castcoverz.com/armz-cast-covers-for-arms/ to find our helpful sizing charts!

We LOVE seeing our customers rocking their Armz! for ALL occasions. Weddings, prom, work functions, school,… everyday life! There are so many options for decorating your arm cast. We pride ourselves in helping our customers Feel Better so they can Heal Better!

Decorate Your Cast or Crutches With Fun Ideas From Pinterest

Crutch BlingIn case you aren’t able to purchase orthopedic accessories from CastCoverz!, such as cast covers and crutch covers, we have some fabulous ideas on how to decorate your cast or crutches all on your own or with a little help from friends!  We suggest having a cast or crutch decorating party.  Have your friends over, gather decorating ideas, and have some fun with it!

We have shared some very clever and creative ideas on our Pinterest Board: Decorate Your Cast & Crutches to help get your creative juices flowing.

Tide PoolCastCoverz! is the leading manufacturer, e-tailer, and innovator of essential orthopedic soft-good accessories, such as walking boot, brace, splint, and cast covers, along with designer colored crutches, CrutchWear crutch pads/crutch covers, and waterproof and comfort products.

Halloween Costume Cast Cover Ideas

fashion-cover-arm-braceHaving a broken bone or injury during Halloween can be frustrating. Just because you are casted or booted doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the costume fun.  You can conceal or cover that cast!

With Halloween just around the corner, make sure you start planning now, before the great pumpkin arrives. Your cast or crutches can make it difficult to go trick-or-treating.  This is the time to clear the cobwebs and get creative with your costume ideas for this bewitching night. We’ve come up with some fun and clever cast cover Halloween costume ideas for kids, children and adults.  For tips on safe trick-or-treating on crutches, please read our guest post by Goodbye Crutches, “Halloween Safety Tips While On Crutches.” 

Wicked Webs, as shown above in our arm brace cover product, Tubez!, is available for casts and to cover walking boots, too!  This brace, boot or cast cover would go perfect with any creepy costume. If you’re looking for something more scary, “Dark Skulls” is the fabric for you! For girls of any age that want to embrace their meow, we have fun animal prints, like “You Wild Thing” and “Wild Style” in slings.   We also have several flower prints that would look great if you’re looking to dress up like a 1960’s flower child or go-go dancer.

Elli Halloween Contest

For those that want to be really creative with their cast, brace, boot or sling, try these:  Wearing a walking boot? Play it up and be Frankenstein! Sporting a sling? Mummify your body!   One of our favorite costume concealed idea hides an arm cast and sling cleverly. See the adorable picture of one of our customers, right.  Get a large box and cover it in your favorite wrapping paper. Cut holes out for legs and one arm (gotta’ hold the treat bag!) and neck/head. Tape a bow on your head and voila…you’re a present!  BONUS:  This costume idea cost less than $10.00!

CastCoverz! fashionable cast covers and orthopedic accessories are an exciting way to get creative this Halloween. Our fashionable AND functional cast covers are available in both children and adult sizes, male or female. We also have custom cast covers, so you can cover your cast creatively to match just about any costume!

Please share photos of your Halloween costumes with us on our CastCoverz! Facebook page.  The best costume that conceals or reveals a cast, boot or brace will receive a FREE “Member of Broken Bones Club” t-shirt , a featured picture and lots of media shout-out!

For a limited time, all Halloween inspired fabrics are 10% off.  Don’t be scared that time is slipping away.  CastCoverz! always offers same day shipping for standard orders received before 2:00 PST.

Have fun and be safe!