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Cover your Arm Cast: CastCoverz! Armz!

Cover your arm cast with CastCoverz! Armz!

Armz! keeps your cast CLEAN and prevents snagging on your clothes or skin. Available in all sizes, Armz! can be customized to fit your cast, both short or long arm casts (no matter how big or small it may be).

Not only is Armz! one of our most FUNctional products, but it also brightens your cast with fashionable flair. Wear your personality on your arm (literally), by choosing from a plethora of our favorite, stretchy (and machine washable) fabrics. From simple solids to bold & beautiful prints, we offer our customers the BEST designer wear to decorate your arm cast.

Beautiful bride with custom cover in matching lace.

Questions about sizing? No problem! Our team of Customer Service Happiness Gurus will be happy to serve you; give us a call at 1-800-CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268) or visit our website https://castcoverz.com/armz-cast-covers-for-arms/ to find our helpful sizing charts!

We LOVE seeing our customers rocking their Armz! for ALL occasions. Weddings, prom, work functions, school,… everyday life! There are so many options for decorating your arm cast. We pride ourselves in helping our customers Feel Better so they can Heal Better!

Orthopedic Products to Make Your Recovery Easier

Guest Blog Post by Goodbye Crutches:

So, you’re stuck on one foot for the time being. And you’re not too happy about it, either! With today’s modern technology on your side, there are many products that can help make your recovery easier. You don’t have to suffer through it, with no comforts whatsoever. Here are a few items that can help your pain, mobility, comfort, and life in general, as you recover.

Item #1:  Alternatives to Crutches 

If hobbling around on crutches is simply too hard, take heart! You don’t have to! You can look into one of three alternatives to crutches from Goodbye Crutches, that can help you get where you want to go.Goodbye Crutches Some allow you the use of your hands, too. The Hands Free Crutch, for example, straps right to your bad leg and lets you walk much like normal, with both of your hands free at all times. The Knee Walker, on the other hand, is a wheeled device that lets you retain your balance while you scoot yourself from place to place. And the Seated Scooter is a great option for those who want to get in as much rest as possible, while moving around at the same time.

Item #2:  CastShield Waterproof Protector
Taking a shower with a cast is quite an ordeal. You know you aren’t supposed to get it wet, but how can you do that and still get clean? The CastShield allows you to cover your cast, so you don’t get moisture beneath it. It is reusable and comes in a set of two, so you can keep one in the shower and one in your travel bag.

Item #3:  Shower Bench
Once your cast is covered, you can safely shower without getting your cast wet, but that still doesn’t help you balance while you lather, rinse and repeat. The Adjustable Shower Bench, however, allows you to sit and shower, so you don’t have to worry about slipping or just getting off balance. You can finally enjoy your showers again without additional hazards.

Item #4: CastCooler
If your cast starts to itch and smell, in the past the only thing you could do was wait it out and suffer. Some people would even take a wire hanger and stick it down the cast, but that certainly isn’t a good idea. Today, there’s the CastCooler! This device attaches to your cast and your vacuum and it sucks the moisture out from beneath the cast. It leaves you with a cool, fresh, clean feeling.

Item #5: Cozy Toe Warmer
If you have a cast and your toes stick out on the end, they are exposed and cold during much of your recovery. You could try to stretch a sock over your toes, but those socks are hard to get on and off and they don’t really do a good job as it is. The Cozy Toe Warmer fits over your toes like a slipper and straps around the back of your cast with adjustable Velcro. It keeps your toes dry and warm and can even be washed if you get it dirty.

Item #6:  CastCoverz!


If you’re wearing a cast, boot, splint, brace, or sling, CastCoverz! provides fun and functional products that cover orthopedic devices, offering much needed comfort from scratching, snagging, and so much more. While on crutches, CrutchWear is a must to make those standard-issue crutches more bearable. No matter what the orthopedic event, CastCoverz! has got you covered!

Top 5 Cast Care Tips

Having a broken bone and wearing a cast is just NO fun, but if you treat your cast well, it will treat you well, which means a speedier recovery!

Here are our Top 5 Cast Care Tips: 

  1. Keep it dry – Try DryPro or CastShield waterproof cast covers
  2. Never place anything inside your cast
  3. Wiggle toes or fingers to improve circulation
  4. Call your doctor immediately if you experience any increase in pain, redness, or swelling
  5. To prevent scratching, snagging, and to keep your cast clean and dry, cover it with CastCoverz! products
For other helpful cast care links, click HERE!  

We know your pain, frustration, and inconvenience.  CastCoverz! provides fun, functional, and waterproof products that comfort orthopedic patients.