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Winter Safety Tips for Those on Crutches

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches

There’s no worse time of the year to be nursing an injury than during the winter. It may be hard to get out on crutches during any other season, but during the winter it’s downright dangerous.

Here are 5 safety tips to help you navigate the winter months safely on one leg:

CastCoverZ! Color Crutches

CastCoverZ! Color Crutches

  1. Keep Your Crutches Well – Crutches are going to be dangerous no matter what, but in order to make sure they are as stable as possible, you will want them to be in the best possible working order. If the tips are even a tiny bit worn, get new ones. New tips will help prevent sliding on the snow and ice. The tips can grip the ground better and if they are worn, they could cause an accident. Make sure the crutches are adjusted to fit you perfectly so you can walk upright as comfortably and slowly as possible.
  2. Use Sand or Salt – Keep some sidewalk salt or sand in your car with you at all times. Whenever you have to get out somewhere that looks slippery, spread a little sand or salt right outside your car door so you can get your crutches and steady yourself as safely as possible. You will want to keep your driveway and sidewalk salted as well, but when you have no control over the street conditions, keep that salt and sand with you to do the best you can at keeping yourself safe.
  3. Check into Alternatives to Crutches – No matter how well you do on crutches,Goodbye Crutches they are still dangerous mobility devices in the winter. You might want to check into alternatives, like those offered by Goodbye Crutches. Goodbye Crutches has three great devices that can help you get around easier and with more safety. The Seated Scooter, for example, is a wheeled device that allows you to sit and scoot yourself from place to place, while keeping your bad leg elevated and out of the way. You will remain stable at all times in the seated position and you don’t have to worry about slipping at all. The Knee Scooter works much the same way, only you stand and place the knee of your bad leg on the padded area. You have handlebars to keep you stable and a basket to carry your keys and other items. The Hands Free Crutch is even a better option than crutches. This device attaches to your bad leg and allows you to walk much like normal, while retaining the use of your hands. Having your hands available to balance you is never a bad thing in the winter.
  4. Ask for Help – It’s hard to give up your independence for any reason, but when it comes to your safety, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Ask friends and family members to run some of your errands for you so you don’t have to venture out into the cold, icy weather. When you do go out, have someone meet you at your car to help usher you inside safely. Having one injury is bad enough, you don’t want to add another to it.
  5. Think of Comfort – In order to advance your recovery, you need to think of your
    CastCoverZ! Sleeping Bagz!

    CastCoverZ! Sleeping Bagz!

    comfort, as well as your safety. Things like cold toes can not only be uncomfortable and irritating, but also dangerous in colder temperatures.  CastCoverZ! Sleeperz! for legs (arms, too) and Sleeping Bagz! are made from soft micro-fiber or fleece to keep your toes warm and cozy, while protecting your sheets from snags and cooties, too!  Be sure to check out their Bootz!, BootGuardz!, and BootGuardzXtreme!, for keeping your toes & leg warm and clean while wearing a walking boot out in the elements.  Think through other comfort levels and research what you can do to fix them during the winter months.

Safety must be a high priority for you while you recover. During the winter, it is an even bigger burden. Think ahead and use these tips to get yourself to the other side of the season safely, on one leg.

How to Survive the Holidays on One Foot

How to Survive Christmas on One FootChristmas is a magical time of the year…so much to see and do…so little time.  Add to that the fact that this year, you only have one foot on which to do it all and Christmas becomes a bit of a nightmare. How will you do it?  Here are a few tips to help you survive and even enjoy the holiday season despite your injury.

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Being Safe During Halloween – Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween

Like you, I always wanted my children to enjoy Halloween, but I worried about their safety.  Even more so if your child has sustained an injury.  FUN (?) FACT: CastCoverz! was created because of a broken bone my then 10 year old daughter sustained right before Halloween.  It’s always important to do all we can to keep our children safe during Halloween, especially since most activities will be in the late evening. Some of your kids will be out after dark for the first time. So please heed these Halloween safety tips, whether or not your child has a broken bone or other injury: Continue reading

Things to Love About Non-Weight Bearing Lifestyle

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches

When you break your ankle or have foot/ankle surgery, your doctor tells you to remain non-weight bearing for the time being. It’s easy to think of all of the inconveniences of being on crutches, but let’s stay positive! Here are a few things you are bound to love about the non-weight bearing lifestyle!

Extra Attention
Though you may not want people surrounding you and doting on your every need, you have to admit, the extra attention is kind of nice. When was the last time your husband offered to make dinner or your wife took out the trash? Friends have offered to run your errands and are calling to check in on you. You are getting some much needed extra attention, soak it up while you can!

You lead a busy life. With work, kids, family gatherings, and many daily activities, it can be hard to slow down and do some of the things you really want to do. You will have to rest, and while you do that, why not catch up on that magazine pile or watch a few good movies you’ve missed? You can’t be as active during recovery, but everyone enjoys a good rest now and then!

Your Mobility Options
Knee ScooterThere aren’t many people that love being on crutches, but with today’s modern technology on your side, you have options! Goodbye Crutches has three mobility devices from which to choose. The Seated Scooter, the Knee Scooter, and the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch. Inspect the details on all three devices and choose the one that is best for you. If you need the use of your hands, the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch might be the one for you. If you need extra energy, the Seated Scooter allows you to be mobile, while staying seated. If you want to be fast and efficient, perhaps the Knee Scooter is best. Whichever device you choose, they’re all fun, easy to use, and will be something you love about the non-weight bearing lifestyle.

About Us Sept 2013Everyone tires of their wardrobe from time to time, and when you’re dealing with an orthopedic event, getting dressed can certainly be more difficult. But, you can look on the bright side and add CastCoverz! orthopedic accessories to your life. These covers for casts, braces, walking boots, crutches, and more can blend right in or make a fashion statement with a variety of fabrics from bold and vibrant to solid and neutral. Not only do they add style, they add function by keeping your cast clean and snag-free, becoming your best asset during the recovery process.

The non-weight bearing lifestyle is hard, there’s not doubt about it. Instead of dwelling on the inconveniences, think about the parts you are bound to love. With a smile on your face and love in your heart, the recovery process will go by much faster.