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Why an Orthopedic Walking Boot VS a Cast For Your Healing Journey

In this Facebook Live: All Things Orthopedic, Annette de Lancey (Founder and Owner of CastCoverz!) speaks with Dr. Scott Hoffinger, Medical Director of OrthoPediatrics, and Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, about why orthopedic walking boots are prescribed! 

Not all broken bones, sprains or soft tissue injuries require a cast; sometimes an orthopedic walking boot is the best and most comfortable option for a patient as they heal. 

Why are so many orthopedic walking boots prescribed now?

When you have a broken bone in your foot, you need a firm base to step on, but casts are not always necessary (24/7 support), this is where an orthopedic walking boot can be helpful. Boots are also good for sprains and soft tissue injuries. 

Orthopedic walking boots can be beneficial but wear them with caution, if you are supposed to wear them all the time when you are standing up, comply with that. They can be just as effective as casts, but they can be taken off for sleeping and showers. 

Check out some of our orthopedic walking boot accessories like Bootz! and Sleeping Bagz! to provide fashion and comfort during your healing journey. 

Leave your family-friendly comments below, and be sure to join us for our next All Things Ortho event!

how to survive the holidays on one foot

How to Survive the Holidays on One Foot

Christmas is a magical time of the year…so much to see and do…so little time. Add to that the fact that this year, you only have one foot on which to do it all and Christmas becomes a bit of a nightmare. How will you do it? Here are a few tips to help you survive and even enjoy the holiday season despite your injury.

Tip #1:  Scale Back

You say you’re going to do it every year, and yet you never do. This year it’s the time to actually do it.  Everyone will understand if your house isn’t decorated to the hilt. Your family will understand if you want to skip a few parties to rest. And your friends will know why they are getting gift cards instead of a carefully chosen gift. You might even find that doing less allows you to enjoy more!

Tip #2:  Ask for Help

There’s nothing wrong with asking for a little help, especially during the holiday season. If you need help decorating, running errands, or getting around in the cold and snow, just ask! People are in a very giving spirit this time of year and they will likely welcome your requests with open arms. You simply can’t do it all on one foot so ask for help and do what you can!

Tip #3:  Look into Alternatives to Crutches

In order to enjoy as much mobility as possible during Christmas and the duration of your recovery, consult a company such as KneeRover® and see what options there are that can help you get off those crutches and onto a device that will help you get around with more comfort and ease. The Seated Scooter is ideal for snow and ice because you can sit and scoot yourself around ensuring that you will never slip and fall.  The Steerable Knee Scooter is also very stable and allows you to kneel, scoot and “move free” while you keep your bad leg up and elevated.  Another product, the iWALK3.0 Hands Free Crutch, helps you to retain the use of both hands at all times while you get around. Think about how each of the three options works and choose what would be best for your needs.

Tip #4:  Schedule Rest

It’s easy to get into the family celebrations and parties and forget about what your recovery needs are. It is important, however, to make sure you get the rest you need in order to keep your healing on track. Once you know how much rest you need, be sure that you get it no matter what else is going on.

Tip #5:  Don’t Overdo it

It’s easy to overdo it on Christmas, even with two feet under you. When you’re on just one, that task is even easier. Listen to your body carefully and make sure you only do what you really feel you can do. You don’t want to spend more time recovering because you overexerted yourself during the holidays.

Tip #6:  Invite and Decline

If it’s easier for you to host than to attend parties this year, invite the people you really want to see over and decline other invitations. It’s okay to skip a few things and do other things differently this year. You can go back to doing it all next year!

Tip #7:  Put Recovery Items on your Gift List

There are a number of things you might want to add to your list to help you get through Christmas and the rest of your recovery. CastCoverz! cast and walking boot covers will not only keep your toes warm and dry this winter, but you’ll also be giving your orthopedic device lots of personality! Be sure to check out CastCoverz! CrutchWear crutch covers for comfort and convenience, too! The shower stool can help you enjoy your showers again. If you’re a hard-to-buy-for person, these items that you really want and need are great ideas.

Looking for more helpful hints on day-to-day survival while you heal? Check out Cooking while Injured and Doing Household Chores While Injured.  With these tips, you will not only survive Christmas but also enjoy it with a joyful spirit!How to Survive Christmas on One Foot

CastCoverz! BENGALICIOUS: Armz!, Legz! & Bootz!

CastCoverz! meets #TigerKing with our NEW Bengalicious print for Armz!, Legz! & Bootz!

With the shelter in place regulations keeping most of us inside with our good friend Netflix, we quickly realized why our new PURRRRFECT print SOLD OUT in 1 week: TIGER KING!

Whether you’re a Big Cat Rescue fan or you’re on the hunt for Carole Baskin’s husband, we’ve got something FUN to brighten your break during this weird time.

At CastCoverz!, we believe when you Feel Better, you Heal Better. Especially now, we recognize the importance of finding creative ways to have fun – even while you’re healing from an injury.

If YOU or someone you LOVE is currently in an arm cast, leg cast, or orthopedic walking boot, why not cheer them up with a FUNctional product to help keep their device CLEAN and prevent scratching or snagging.

Our covers are easy to wash and accessorize with; a GREAT option for those wanting to prevent the spread of germs on cast, braces or boots that can’t be washed!

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Why do my hands and armpits hurt while using crutches?

Why do my hands and armpits hurt while using crutches?Being injured is the pits!  (Pun intended.)You have been using crutches for over a week.  You are starting to feel like you can be more active every day, but there is one thing holding you back.  You now have a new pain in a completely different area.  I am talking about the pain under your arms, and in your hands.Soreness comes in two varieties for crutch users:

  1. Tenderness (most of this is the weight pressing on the armpit and/or the palm of the hand).
  2. Abrasion (due to constant friction on parts that aren’t used to it).

To answer your specific question, you’d have to answer which one or are both affecting you? Feelings of frustration are building up because one injury is leading to another.  Don’t worry! Help is on the way.  Here are some great tips to alleviate the pain:

  • Have your doctor or physical therapist check to make sure that the crutches are adjusted right. They should be about 2-3 inches under your armpits, and when you put your arms at your sides, the hand grips should be even with your wrists.
  • Rest! Ice!  Elevate!  We understand you are feeling antsy and trapped.   But, to get better, you need to rest.  The more rest, the faster the healing! Give it the time it needs.  Looking for ideas on keeping your mind busy while you wait?  Click here.
  • Invest in CastCoverz! CrutchWear Comfort and fashion are just a click away!

All of our CrutchWear is padded just right for the ultimate in comfort.  We’ve tested a lot of thicknesses to find the perfect density.  Here’s what we discovered:PrintsCombo__65624.1366341893.1280.1280

You would think super padded would be the ultimate in comfort.  But many of our customers were off-balance and actually some complained that the circulation in their arm was cut-off (artery was pressed closed when resting/balancing/walking on the crutches)!  So back to the drawing board.  Too thin was a waste of (your) money.  Our current padding has satisfied 99.2% of our customers. That’s a super respectable number! 🙂

CastCoverz! CrutchWear is made out of durable cotton, faux fur or fleece (NO slippery nylon!).   They wash up well, provide the comfort you need, and give you style!  Don’t forget the handy crutch bag, too! All your essentials tucked in roomy bag with loops to affix to your crutch to avoid the annoying bag flop.  

We hope this finds you on the last “leg” of your recovery.  🙂