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Why do my hands and armpits hurt while using crutches?

Why do my hands and armpits hurt while using crutches?Being injured is the pits!  (Pun intended.)You have been using crutches for over a week.  You are starting to feel like you can be more active every day, but there is one thing holding you back.  You now have a new pain in a completely different area.  I am talking about the pain under your arms, and in your hands.Soreness comes in two varieties for crutch users:

  1. Tenderness (most of this is the weight pressing on the armpit and/or the palm of the hand).
  2. Abrasion (due to constant friction on parts that aren’t used to it).

To answer your specific question, you’d have to answer which one or are both affecting you? Feelings of frustration are building up because one injury is leading to another.  Don’t worry! Help is on the way.  Here are some great tips to alleviate the pain:

  • Have your doctor or physical therapist check to make sure that the crutches are adjusted right. They should be about 2-3 inches under your armpits, and when you put your arms at your sides, the hand grips should be even with your wrists.
  • Rest! Ice!  Elevate!  We understand you are feeling antsy and trapped.   But, to get better, you need to rest.  The more rest, the faster the healing! Give it the time it needs.  Looking for ideas on keeping your mind busy while you wait?  Click here.
  • Invest in CastCoverz! CrutchWear Comfort and fashion are just a click away!

All of our CrutchWear is padded just right for the ultimate in comfort.  We’ve tested a lot of thicknesses to find the perfect density.  Here’s what we discovered:PrintsCombo__65624.1366341893.1280.1280

You would think super padded would be the ultimate in comfort.  But many of our customers were off-balance and actually some complained that the circulation in their arm was cut-off (artery was pressed closed when resting/balancing/walking on the crutches)!  So back to the drawing board.  Too thin was a waste of (your) money.  Our current padding has satisfied 99.2% of our customers. That’s a super respectable number! 🙂

CastCoverz! CrutchWear is made out of durable cotton, faux fur or fleece (NO slippery nylon!).   They wash up well, provide the comfort you need, and give you style!  Don’t forget the handy crutch bag, too! All your essentials tucked in roomy bag with loops to affix to your crutch to avoid the annoying bag flop.  

We hope this finds you on the last “leg” of your recovery.  🙂