You Have More Time Than You Think (To Get Surgery on Your Injury)

In this Facebook Live: All Things Orthopedic , Annette de Lancey (Founder and Owner of CastCoverz!) speaks with Dr. Scott Hoffinger, Medical Director of OrthoPediatrics, and Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, about the overwhelming and stressful waiting period before and after surgery, and shares tips for understanding this process and how to best advocate for your health.  

If you’re worried about not getting into the OR (operating room) early enough to fix your injury, you have more time than you think! 

Standard fractures do not always require emergency surgery. 

Dr. Hoffinger said in the interview: “If it’s broken today, it’s broken tomorrow.”

You have more time than you realize; take your time making these big decisions.

You could see another doctor in a day or two, and if surgery is required it is likely not going to be done on the same day that you come in for the fracture. There’s not much you can do during this time before your surgery is scheduled; pain management, cold or warm compresses as directed, lots of sleep, and binge-watching your favorite program are your best options to make the time go by as quickly as it can before you can get into surgery. 

If scheduling seems urgent; ask why. If not, no need to worry; your doctor knows what he/she is doing and will squeeze you to make sure they can operate on your injury in a timely manner. 


The Importance of Trusting Your Orthopedic Doctor or Medical Team

In this Facebook Live: All Things Orthopedic , Annette de Lancey (Founder and Owner of CastCoverz!) discusses the importance of trusting your orthopedic doctor or medical team (nurse practitioners, physician’s associates, etc.) with guest Dr. Scott Hoffinger, Medical Director of OrthoPediatrics, and Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon. 

Research has proven the importance of a physician-patient relationship rooted in faith and trust. If you, as the orthopedic patient, don’t feel a sense of confidence or comfort in your doctor, it may be best to seek other options.

Sometimes, like in the case of an emergency accident, you don’t have the choice to pick your doctor. On the occasion you’re getting elective surgery, selelct a doctor that you feel comfortable with and trust will meet your needs. 

Your doctors want you to TRUST them! In doing so, your healing and recovery will only benefit; being able to trust that your doctor or surgeon has your BEST interest through this journey together will create a true sense of relief as your body heals.

Having faith in your doctors and medical team has been proven to enhance healing and recovery. Both you and your doctor need to have faith in each other, and you need to know that your medical team cares! If something is telling you to find a different doctor, do so. 

You should never feel like you are a burden on your doctor or medical staff, but that they are there to help you.

CastCoverz! Featured on

Dr. Jonathan Cluett, MD, orthopedic surgeon expert for the very popular VeryWellHealth site, featured CastCoverz! in the article “4 Ideas For Decorating Your Cast”. 

Very Well Health specializes in trusted health information when you need it the most; everything from cancer, to Covid-19, and you guessed it… Broken bones! Articles are written by trusted physicians and fact-checked often to make sure the information provided is up to date.

“Having a cast is usually not as much fun as we thought it would be when we were kids. So why not make the best of it and brighten your day, as well as those around you. Here are some favorite ways to brighten your cast.

An example is CastCoverz!, a company that produces stylish covers for casts, splints, boots, and slings. Available in a large variety of designs and fabrics, CastCoverz! also prevents snagging and scratching and they are easily removed for washing.” -Dr. Jonathan Cluett, MD

CastCoverz! firmly believes in making the best out of your injury, and covering up that ugly cast or brace is a small way we can help you along your healing process.


Bone and Joint Health Week

You’re not alone if you have bone and joint issues! This week, CastCoverz! observes, and practices, healthy bone and joint education and we want you to try to live your best pain-free life with us. 

There are five days to bring awareness to this week:

A couple common bone and joint diseases: Osteoporosis and Arthritis, both debilitating, can lead to more severe injuries if not taken care of properly. 

Osteoporosis is the most common bone disease and leads to weak bones which can cause fractures. Fractures can lead to bone and nerve discomfort throughout your life if not properly treated, but the best way to avoid a fracture is by being cautious and improving your health. 

Arthritis is joint pain and joint disease with 100 different types and conditions. Arthritis can make it hard to live a normal day-to-day life and cause permanent damage to your joints. 

In observance of this national action week (every year from October 12-20), CastCoverz! has some tips and tricks to help you achieve the best joint and bone health you can have. 

  • Stay active: take a new yoga class, go for a bike ride, swim a few laps, or take a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Eat a balanced diet: increasing important vitamins like Vitamin D and Calcium are great additions to your diet, eat whole fruits and vegetables, get enough protein.  
  • Contact your healthcare provider to stay on top of your bone and joint health, and alert them if you feel any aches or pain. Early detection could save you years of discomfort, and they will provide the best methods of treatment options. 
  • Cut out smoking/drinking/anything that won’t benefit your body..
  • Keep your body weight at a healthy level.

We hope that you can live your life pain-free, but if your bones let you down, we’re here to help you heal better and feel better!