7 Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you have a SCARY cast, sling or boot?  This is one of our most popular posts…repurposed for your 2023 Halloween Costume Ideas!

After many years of dealing with my daughter’s 20 broken bones, I can truly say that it’s never fun having a broken bone or injury – especially during fun and active times like Halloween. What I have learned is how to either conceal, cover or incorporate a cast or boot into a Halloween costume. Following are my top 7 Halloween costume ideas with some AMAZING photographs from customers:

Super Hero – Our Wicked Webs cover your arm’s cast, brace, or splint or leg casts and boots. Add the rest of the costume and you’ll have your favorite webbed superhero.  We have a variety of other themed fabrics such as Dark Skulls, Pinked Pirates and many more that can amp up your creativity!  And they keep the cast clean, and prevent snagging and scratching, too!

CastCoverz! Wicked Webs Cast Cover


Giraffe – Elevate your animal style!  One customer loved our comfy crutch pads in Giraffe so much that she was inspired to BE a giraffe!  A+ for creativity! WOW!

CrutchWear in Giraffe

Be a giraffe!

Frankenstein – No need to conceal your walking boot, enhance it!  Add some noisy chains and emphasize that clunky walk and you’re a “shoe-in” for Frankenstein!

IronMan – Love what this Mom created for her son.  This, too, deserves a WOW!iron-man-costume

Courtesy of http://lovepaperpaint.com/2013/08/22/i-is-for-isaac-and-ironman/

Minion:  Check out our custom Bootz! cover for our customer:minion


Mummy – Conceal your arm slings and “wrap” it along with the rest of the body to look like a mummy.

Gift - Halloween Costume

Gift Halloween Costume

Gift-Wrapped – Getting creative with a break or injury can lead to some really interesting ideas! One of our favorites is super easy and creative.  This little girl hated her cast and sling, so to conceal it her dad fashioned a large shipping box, cut holes for her head, and the uninjured arm, wrapped the box in her choice of wrapping paper, and topped with a bow. To “wrap it up”, this cute conceal was less than $10!

CastCoverz! fashionable cast covers and orthopedic accessories are an exciting way to get creative this Halloween. We have a variety of colors and prints that can enhance your costume. Our fashionable AND functional cast covers are available in both children and adult sizes, male or female. We also have custom cast covers, so you can cover your cast creatively to match just about any costume!

Whatever persona you or your loved one becomes on October 31st, have fun and please be safe!

Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz!

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