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7 Halloween Costume Ideas

Do you have a SCARY cast, sling or boot?  This is one of our most popular posts…repurposed for your 2023 Halloween Costume Ideas!

After many years of dealing with my daughter’s 20 broken bones, I can truly say that it’s never fun having a broken bone or injury – especially during fun and active times like Halloween. What I have learned is how to either conceal, cover or incorporate a cast or boot into a Halloween costume. Following are my top 7 Halloween costume ideas with some AMAZING photographs from customers: Continue reading


Shoulder Surgery Chic

If you’re fab and over 50, this one’s for you!


Influencer @sojazzed, was in need of shoulder surgery, and an amazing accessory to go with her outfits (and ugly black sling)! She styled this Slingz! In Sea Breeze Tie Dye to match her lime green dress perfectly, and become shoulder chic.

Style and function collaborate! Make it yours with over 70 fabric and 10 trim options. Slingz! standard features include a soft adjustable neck tube, thumb loop which prevents sling creep, and is longer which prevents wrist drop.

There’s no need to worry about your ugly sling, brace, or cast if you’re a “broken” influencer and have to keep up with your posting because we have a solution for every age and every style. CastCoverz! Is here to make you feel better, so you heal better.


10 Fun Things to Do While in a Cast: During Quarantine!

Injured Man in deep thoughtsAhhhhh, you are injured and boredom is setting in.

In the midst of a global pandemic (COVID-19), we’re all experiencing the boredom that accompanies stay-at-home orders and social distancing. Healing from an injury makes this waiting game even more uncomfortable!

By now, you’ve probably found yourself wobbling around the house, trying to brainstorm creative ways to keep your mind busy as your body/limbs heal. You are feeling trapped and the walls are closing in around you.

Frustrating isn’t it? It makes you angry and cranky and is affecting not only you but those around you as well. You have the itch to do something. ANYTHING.  But what?

Hang in there, help is on the way! Here is a great list of things to keep you occupied while resting and recovering that will help keep your mind off of the things you (and many other people around the world) can’t do during this time:

  • Binge-watch your favorite movies or a childhood TV series from start to finish
  • Play board games, start a puzzle, blow bubbles, or bust out the Play-Doh…why not?
  • Sort through old photos and make scrapbooks for your family and friends
  • Learn something new, like knitting, playing the piano, sofa juggling, or maybe even a new language
  • Create a free blog, share your experience AND your road to recovery in the midst of a pandemic
  • Start that bucket list; in fact, make a book with photos to help inspire you during this time (think about who you’ll want to share this experience with years from now!)
  • Research your next vacation; big or small, near or far…plan something fun
  • Color…who doesn’t love to color? It actually releases tension, too! For FUN coloring pictures, click HERE
  • Create a playlist. Add all your favorite songs and jam out while making it. Cheers you up and gives you something you can use forever!
  • Decorate your cast, boot, or crutch; family stuck at home might also enjoy sharing this project with you! Be sure to check out our 3 part blog series “How to Bling Your Boot, Cast, & Crutches“, too!

Here’s a bonus tip:  Do something “old-fashioned”. Write thank you (and catch-up) notes to your friends and family!

We’d love to hear from our readers! Please leave your best family-friendly tips and ideas, below!

The Accidental Entrepreneur

Owner & founder of CastCoverz!, Annette Giacomazzi, started out just like any other empathetic mom… wanting to make her daughter’s 6th broken bone a little more bearable. Annette began creating cute & fun covers for Elli’s casts, which quickly evolved into slings, seasonally themed cast covers– you name it! The ideas just kept coming!  Friends and family are supposed to “ooh” and “aah” and be supportive of an injured child or a mom with an idea.  But, it’s when strangers stopped them on the street that Annette had her “AHA!” moment and CastCoverz! was born.

First, Annette’s family contributed as the hands and feet of the business, out of their home.  The first employees even worked out of their home!  Eventually, CastCoverz! expanded to a warehouse that required a full team of sewists, shippers and customer service gems! Having found a unique niche in the orthopedic retail market, Annette created a flourishing business.

Fast forward 13 years, CastCoverz! is now the largest online retailer for orthopedic products and has earned its title by providing fun & functional products to comfort orthopedic patients. We are proud to have served hundreds of thousands of customers and retailers around the world.

Share Your Story!

Our customers are the heart & soul of our success! We LOVE seeing how CastCoverz! has helped you Feel Better so you can Heal Better! Share your family-friendly stories with us at cs@castcoverz.com for a chance to be featured on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/castcoverz)

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