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The Accidental Entrepreneur

Owner & founder of CastCoverz!, Annette Giacomazzi, started out just like any other empathetic mom… wanting to make her daughter’s 6th broken bone a little more bearable. Annette began creating cute & fun covers for Elli’s casts, which quickly evolved into slings, seasonally themed cast covers– you name it! The ideas just kept coming!  Friends and family are supposed to “ooh” and “aah” and be supportive of an injured child or a mom with an idea.  But, it’s when strangers stopped them on the street that Annette had her “AHA!” moment and CastCoverz! was born.

First, Annette’s family contributed as the hands and feet of the business, out of their home.  The first employees even worked out of their home!  Eventually, CastCoverz! expanded to a warehouse that required a full team of sewists, shippers and customer service gems! Having found a unique niche in the orthopedic retail market, Annette created a flourishing business.

Fast forward 13 years, CastCoverz! is now the largest online retailer for orthopedic products and has earned its title by providing fun & functional products to comfort orthopedic patients. We are proud to have served hundreds of thousands of customers and retailers around the world.

Share Your Story!

Our customers are the heart & soul of our success! We LOVE seeing how CastCoverz! has helped you Feel Better so you can Heal Better! Share your family-friendly stories with us at cs@castcoverz.com for a chance to be featured on our Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/castcoverz)

More Info

Questions about sizing or custom cast covers? Give us a call 1-800-CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268)

Keep Your Walking Boot, Toes, and Cast Warm and Dry This Winter


Keep your toes, boot, and boot liner dry. BootGuardz! shown in Inferno.

Now that the weather is cooling, don’t get caught with your walking boot “knee-deep” in the slush or snow. CastCoverZ! BootGuardz! are weatherproof, water repellant covers for your orthopedic walking boot, protecting your boot, boot liner, and toes from the rain, snow, and slush.   We also offer an optional Toasty Liner made from super soft, washable sherpa to protect your toes and leg from the cold.  Drawstring closure and tread (sole) of the boot is left exposed for proper footing and safety.

FUN FACT:  Just in case you’re heading on a beach vacation this holiday season, our BootGuardz! prevents sand from getting in and on your boot!

If you’re wearing a leg cast, slip on one of our Slickerz! before you go out in the storm. Think of it as a pull on rain boot!  Our full-foot, closed toe design, and weatherproof fabric will keep your leg cast and toes clean and dry.  Not for immersion in water.  A drawstring cord gives an added measure of security from rain and snow going down your leg or cast.  

Slickerz! shown in Tie Dye and Camo Green

 All CastCoverZ! products are proudly Made-in-the-USA!

External Fixators, Ex-Fixes, and Halo’s. Oh My!

When you or your loved one breaks a bone, the typical prescription is a cast. Sometimes, the patient will receive a splint, or clamshell, cast. If the foot is involved, occasionally a “walking cast” (also known as a “fracture boot” and commonly known as an orthopedic walking boot [think Star Wars boots]) is dispensed. But, there are times fractures or conditions require an external fixator, also known as Ex-Fixes.External Fixators, Ex-Fixes, and Halo's

Ex-fixes are external “cages” that stabilize an appendage (leg, foot, arm, hand, finger, …) to promote healing. Most people are familiar with them as “halos” when someone has fractured their vertebrae in their neck or spine. Most ex-fixes are unsettling to look at because the appendage (leg, foot, hand, shoulder, etc…) is often swollen and bruised, with rods sticking into the limb. Quite often blood soaked cotton pads at the pin point are an unintended visual of the device.

Why an Ex-Fix and not a cast? Sometimes injuries or conditions are so severe they require constant manipulation to ensure proper healing. The rods and screws can be adjusted, externally, to accomplish this, without requiring additional or minimizing the number of necessary surgeries. Sometimes “ex-fixes” is a treatment choice.CastCoverz! owner’s 17-year old daughter, Elli, was in a serious car accident and her femur was crushed. The femur is the biggest bone in your body and is in your upper thigh. Her orthopedic surgeon gave Elli and her parents the choice of a rod inserted or an ex-fix around her leg. For a variety of reasons, they opted for the rod.

Healing with an ex-fix is typically a long, inconvenient, and often precarious process. Quite often leg and/or foot ex-fixes require bed rest. Compassion and adjusting your expectations for the patient is necessary during this trying time. Often physical surroundings have to be adjusted, too. Remember, as the caretaker, nothing is as inconvenient as what your loved one is enduring.

One solution for those healing in an Ex-Fix around their foot/ankle are our Sleeping Bagz! These comfy-cozy fleece covers are designed to lightly slip over your device to provide some coverage as you rest (and keep your sheets clean!). Not only will they keep your toes cozy, but they’re a lot more fun to look at than your special external “cage”! Check out all your options here.

Committed to Customizing!

Because of the obvious unease when looking at an ex-fix (many patients describe it as people staring at them), covering their ex-fix is an important part of a patient’s well-being and healing. CastCoverz! has an experienced custom sewing department that creates custom covers in a variety of fabrics made-to-order for each ex-fix customer.









It’s important to note that ex-fixes for the leg come in weight-bearing and non-weight bearing options! For this reason, it’s important that we know the exact measurements of your device so we can make the perfect custom cover for you or your loved one!

Likewise, ex-fixes can cover arms, knees, and fingers; our team of experts has designed custom covers to fit all these needs. We’ve designed a series of custom covers that can stretch, protect, brighten your ex-fix!

Check out our website for more options for covering your ex-fix, while also customizing it to fit your needs! Choose from a variety of fabrics and prints to help you FEEL better so you can HEAL better 🙂

Fixated on Function

While most customers are on the hunt for a cover to hide their device, some are shopping for special occasions! It’s not all about fashion; in fact, our covers can be purposed for a wide variety of activities.

One memorable customer requested (and received) a camouflage cast cover. Yep, a hunter went traipsing in the woods and bagged a deer with her foot/leg in an ex-fix covered in camo.  P.S. She was on the the last “leg” of her healing and had consulted with her doctor (at least that’s what she told us 🙂 ).  

Experts in Ex-Fixes!

Have you or someone you know worn an External Fixator before? If so, what were some functional “life hacks” that helped ease everyday tasks while you healed?! Share your bright ideas with our community; you never know who will benefit from your genius ideas 🙂

Cast Covers Team Attends AAOS Conference in Chicago


CastCoverZ! just returned from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) Conference held in Chicago, Illinois, at the world famous McCormick Place Event Center.  The AAOS show is the largest orthopedic trade-show in the world, with over 13,000 attendees from every continent on the planet!  Owner, Annette d. Giacomazzi, and Community Champion, Kristine Champion, had a fantastic week talking to doctors, nurses, and ortho techs about their 18-branded product line, providing functional and fashionable products that bring relief and comfort to orthopedic patients.

CastCooler, MediShield, and CastCoverZ! Team

CastCoverZ! represented the orthopedic soft-goods industry well, with a spacious booth shared with industry leaders, MediShield and CastCooler. MediShield fills an enormous demand for waterproof protection of casts, bandages, and prosthetics. Doctors, nurses, and especially ortho techs stated they were “unaware of any truly effective means of protecting casts, prosthetics, or bandaging against water.” “We are proud to distribute a product that works well for showering and bathing,” says CastCoverZ! owner and founder, Annette d. Giacomazzi.  “But, I am very excited about their product upgrades, including a stronger, latex-free material.” 

CastCooler is a breakthrough in cast care, designed to concentrate cooling and drying effectiveness on moist areas under your cast. CastCooler will cool your cast, reduce odor and itch, freshen your cast, and speed dry your cast, should moisture get in.  When exhibit attendees tried out the sample CastCooler on display, they were AMAZED at how this product really works!  Also joining them in the booth was Tom Schwab, Founder and Owner of Goodbye Crutches, and his very popular knee scooter!


CastCoverZ!’s HIT product of the show was their BootGuardz! weatherproof cover for orthopedic walking boots.  BootGuardz! protect your boot, boot liner, and toes from rain, snow, and even sand with Made-in-the-USA weather resistant material and proprietary design. They even offer a toasty-liner option, which is made from a super soft sherpa fabric sewn in to protect your toes from the cold!

All in all, the AAOS Exhibit was quite a success! CastCoverZ! looks forward to expanding upon their product line and remaining the leading global manufacturer, e-tailer, and innovator of essential orthopedic soft goods.  OH…and they announced their new toll-free number, 1(800) CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268) and an adorable new pediatric line of arm cast covers, too.  BIG things happening at CastCoverZ!