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Keep Your Walking Boot, Toes, and Cast Warm and Dry This Winter


Now that the weather is cooling, don’t get caught with your walking boot “knee-deep” in the slush or snow. CastCoverz! BootGuardzXtreme! are weatherproof, water-repellant covers for your orthopedic walking boot, protecting your boot, boot liner, and toes from the rain, snow, and slush. Two years in the making, one year in the testing, BootGuardzXtreme! protects your orthopedic walking boot, boot liner, and toes from EXTREME wind, rain and snow with our made-in-the-USA weather-resistant material. Drawstring closure and tread (sole) of the boot are left exposed for proper footing and safety.

FUN FACT:  Just in case you’re heading on a beach vacation this holiday season, our BootGuardz! prevents sand from getting in and on your boot!

If you’re wearing a leg cast, slip on one of our Slickerz! before you go out in the storm. Think of it as a pull-on rain boot! Our full-foot, closed-toe design, and weatherproof fabric will keep your leg cast and toes clean and dry. Not for immersion in water. A drawstring cord gives an added measure of security from rain and snow going down your leg or cast.  

Slickerz! shown in Tie Dye and Camo Green

All CastCoverz! products are proudly Made-in-the-USA!