Being Safe During Halloween – Halloween Safety Tips

Happy Halloween

Like you, I always wanted my children to enjoy Halloween, but I worried about their safety.  Even more so if your child has sustained an injury.  FUN (?) FACT: CastCoverz! was created because of a broken bone my then 10 year old daughter sustained right before Halloween.  It’s always important to do all we can to keep our children safe during Halloween, especially since most activities will be in the late evening. Some of your kids will be out after dark for the first time. So please heed these Halloween safety tips, whether or not your child has a broken bone or other injury:

  • Trick-Or-Treating – Be sure that you are with your children while they are out gathering goodies in the neighborhood. If you aren’t accompanying your children, make sure there is another responsible adult with them. If your child is a teen that will be going with other teams, advise them to stay with and travel as a group. Most of the time, children and teens aren’t paying attention to their surroundings, proper lighting at homes, and other things we as adults will notice.
  • Inspect Candy – Let me first state that candy tampering is very However, whTrick or Treatile you may be cautious in every other way, it’s imperative to be just as cautious with the candy your children will eat. Be sure to check each piece to ensure it is, in fact, candy. Only allow your children to eat factory wrapped and sealed candy.
  • Be Alert – Always be alert to drivers that may not see trick-or-treaters walking in the streets. Stay on sidewalks whenever possible, and cross streets in the crosswalk. This helps to avoid further injury.
  • Go To Homes That Are Well Lit – Go to homes or apartment doors that are well lit with easy to see entryways. And never allow your children to go into a stranger’s home.
  • Use Reflective Tape – Use reflective tape on shoes, parts of the costume, or on their treat bag to help make you and your children more visible in the dark.

Be safe, be alert, and have a ghoulishly fun night!

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