What Type of Broken Bone Do You Have?

Ouch! So you – or your child – has a broken bone. You are not alone! There were over 7 million broken bones reported last year. Though bones can break in multiple ways, there are 5 common breaks.  What type of broken bone do you have?

CastCoverz Common Bone Breaks

Whichever break you have, you probably are in a cast, boot or sling. You’re on the right blog because this is where CastCoverz!® comes in! We offer a huge variety of fun and functional cast covers for your Armz! or Legz!, Slingz!, braces, waterproof cast covers and accessories (crutches and canes). Keep your cast covered and current in a fashion-forward print or a solid color to match your outfit or mood.

Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz! 

Check out our infographic for more broken bones facts!


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