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don't let your broken bone stop your from trick-or-treating in style

Don’t Let Your Broken Bone Stop You From Trick-Or-Treating in Style

Broken bones can be a real bummer, but that shouldn’t keep you from trick or treating! 

CastCoverz! has plenty of options to help incorporate your cast or brace into your Halloween costume OR to be the Halloween statement on its own!

Working around a cast, boot, sling or crutches may seem daunting when trying to put together a costume, but we have tons of creative options at CastCoverz! to make your costume work!

Here are a few CastCoverz! products we think will help you feel better, heal better, and still be a part of Halloween festivities! 

Tubez! in Wicked Webs

Wearing a brace is scary enough! With Tubez! you can conceal your brace, picc-line or a tattoo in “Wicked Webs” (also available in Tubez! for Legs, Armz!, Bootz! and Legz!), and turn into a spider superhero for Halloween. Tubez! can also be worn as an undersleeve to prevent skin abrasions. Please measure carefully because each Tubez! is custom and can’t be returned due to incorrect sizing measurements or otherwise.



Bootz! in Dark Skulls


If you’re looking to be a skeleton for Halloween, this Bootz! cover in “Dark Skulls” is perfect for you! (Also available in Armz! and Legz!) Protect your boot, cover your toes and those stick-to-everything Velcro straps. Easy on/off design with no elastic, Velcro, buttons, or zippers!



Slingz! in Africa 

If you want to be a classic cheetah for Halloween, this is the perfect coverup for your sling to blend into your costume! Fashion meets function with this animal print Slingz! (also available in Armz!, Legz!, Bootz!, and Crutchwear). 





Crutchwear in Rainbow Tie Dye

If you’re going for a 70’s inspired hippie costume, we have this groovy Crutchwear to match your outfit (other groovy options from Armz!, Legz!, Slingz! and Bootz!). Optional convenient hands-free bag for keys, cell phone, wallet, water bottle, and all of your essential items NOW WITH Anchoring Loops to prevent items from spilling out or unequal weight distribution! 



Standard Print Crutch Wear in Moo

Don’t let your broken foot stop you from a cute costume! This year incorporate your Crutch Wear in “Moo” to be a farmer, cow, or cowgirl(boy) this Halloween! Using crutches can now be comfortable, convenient, and fashionable. The 4 piece cover set includes 2 hand grips and 2 crutch tops. Add our handy crutch bag to carry all your essentials, too! 




Legz! in Going Dotty

This Halloween you can match your ladybug costume to your broken bone. Adding this cute polka dotted Legz! In “Going Dotty” will give you some bright red ladybug legs! (Also available in Armz!, Bootz!, Tubez!, Crutchwear and Slingz!)






Armz! in Tie Dye Pink Purple

If you’re looking to be a mermaid for Halloween, we’ve got you covered! This Armz! in “Tie Dye Pink Purple” (also available in Legz! and Bootz!) is perfect to add to your costume. Your broken arm will blend right into your costume with your shiny tail!





If it’s raining (or snowing for those of you up north;) don’t forget your Slickerz! leg cast cover. Our closed-toe design and WEATHERproof fabric keep your leg cast, bandages, and toes clean and dry from rain, slush, and snow. A drawstring cord prevents the elements from going down your leg, too! If it’s your hand you need covered, we’ve got you covered with Mittz! 


CastCoverz! customers have gone above and beyond with their creative-cast-incorporating- costumes in the past. For more costume inspiration, read one of our most popular blog posts here

All of us at CastCoverz! wish you a fun and safe Halloween celebration!

Halloween Costume Cast Cover Ideas

fashion-cover-arm-braceHaving a broken bone or injury during Halloween can be frustrating. Just because you are casted or booted doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the costume fun.  You can conceal or cover that cast!

With Halloween just around the corner, make sure you start planning now, before the great pumpkin arrives. Your cast or crutches can make it difficult to go trick-or-treating.  This is the time to clear the cobwebs and get creative with your costume ideas for this bewitching night. We’ve come up with some fun and clever cast cover Halloween costume ideas for kids, children and adults.  For tips on safe trick-or-treating on crutches, please read our guest post by Goodbye Crutches, “Halloween Safety Tips While On Crutches.” 

Wicked Webs, as shown above in our arm brace cover product, Tubez!, is available for casts and to cover walking boots, too!  This brace, boot or cast cover would go perfect with any creepy costume. If you’re looking for something more scary, “Dark Skulls” is the fabric for you! For girls of any age that want to embrace their meow, we have fun animal prints, like “You Wild Thing” and “Wild Style” in slings.   We also have several flower prints that would look great if you’re looking to dress up like a 1960’s flower child or go-go dancer.

Elli Halloween Contest

For those that want to be really creative with their cast, brace, boot or sling, try these:  Wearing a walking boot? Play it up and be Frankenstein! Sporting a sling? Mummify your body!   One of our favorite costume concealed idea hides an arm cast and sling cleverly. See the adorable picture of one of our customers, right.  Get a large box and cover it in your favorite wrapping paper. Cut holes out for legs and one arm (gotta’ hold the treat bag!) and neck/head. Tape a bow on your head and voila…you’re a present!  BONUS:  This costume idea cost less than $10.00!

CastCoverz! fashionable cast covers and orthopedic accessories are an exciting way to get creative this Halloween. Our fashionable AND functional cast covers are available in both children and adult sizes, male or female. We also have custom cast covers, so you can cover your cast creatively to match just about any costume!

Please share photos of your Halloween costumes with us on our CastCoverz! Facebook page.  The best costume that conceals or reveals a cast, boot or brace will receive a FREE “Member of Broken Bones Club” t-shirt , a featured picture and lots of media shout-out!

For a limited time, all Halloween inspired fabrics are 10% off.  Don’t be scared that time is slipping away.  CastCoverz! always offers same day shipping for standard orders received before 2:00 PST.

Have fun and be safe!