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why is it important to keep your cast dry

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Cast Dry?

In this Facebook Live: All Things Orthopedic Annette de Lancey (Founder and Owner of CastCoverz!) discusses how and why it is so important to keep your cast dry, with special guests Paul Hunt (President, Co-Founder of HMP Enterprises, Inc.) and Bruce Maloy (CEO, Co-Founder of HMP Enterprises) representing DryPro®, a division of HMP Enterprises. 

Getting a cast soaking wet creates many problems.  A wet cast compromises the rigidness and integrity of your cast; which is your healing orthopedic device. If saturated, you will need an orthopedic doctor visit to remove and replace it and check for skin infection. In addition, water-damaged casts are typically not covered by insurance. All doctors recommend to not get the cast wet.  Some are skeptical about the efficacy of any waterproof cover, even DryPro, the gold standard in waterproof cast covers. So be sure to check with your doctor.  

When shopping for a waterproof cast cover, we strongly recommend DryPro’s vacuum-seal technology, to ensure that no water is able to enter the cast cover while swimming, bathing or enjoying water activities.

Basic Information About Casts (The Top 7 FAQ’s and 1 Smelly Fact)


Question and Answer - Canva


Before my daughter, Elli, broke her first bone, I really didn’t know anything about casts, let alone how to care for one. But after 12 broken bones, and serving hundreds of thousands of customers, I am a verified expert and I want to pass on what I learned to you. Following are cast newbies most frequent questions and my answers. In short, here’s some basic information about casts:  Continue reading

10 Christmas List Ideas When the Holiday Includes Crutches

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches

Christmas might be a little more complicated this year. And not just because you have to travel, buy gifts, decorate, and do everything you normally do. This year, you’re on crutches, so everything takes longer and will be harder. When it comes to surviving the holidays on one foot, there are ten things you are going to want to add to your own Christmas gift list!


1) Shower Bench:  You may have to give up a lot of things because of your crutches, but showering is not one of them! The Shower Bench will help you shower safely and enjoy the warm stream of water instead of having to hurry while balancing on one foot.

2) Comfy Cozy Cast Toe Warmer:  Nobody likes cold toes. The Cozy Toe Warmer fits over your foot like a slipper and wraps around the back of your boot or cast with easily adjustable Velcro. It will keep your toes warm, even outside in the snow, and will even keep them dry!

3) CastCoverz!:  Just because you have a cast on your foot doesn’t mean you can’t look good while keeping your cast clean and snag-free. Look through the 18-branded CastCoverz! orthopedic accessories and pick out a few special ones you can enjoy during your recovery.

4) Ice Packs:  Drippy Ziploc bags full of ice just won’t cut it. Ask for a few reusable ice packs you can use, and reuse, to keep the swelling down on your injured area.

5) Pillows:  Certain pillows work better for elevating your foot. Ask for a small pillow that is more on the firm side and you will find yourself wanting to take it with you everywhere!

6) Rest:  This might not be something to put on a gift list, but you do need to put it on your to-do list. No matter how much you need to get done or how much fun you are having at family gatherings and holiday parties, you have to force yourself to get the rest your body needs in order to heal quickly and efficiently.

7) Help:  You might want to tell some friends and family members to forego gifts for you this year and offer their help instead. If you need help with errands, ask one of them to do some for you. If you need a ride, someone else can handle that. You might even ask for help preparing holiday meals or even everyday family meals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may even get more than you need!

8) Family:  Another thing you can never replace is the family members around you. You can get through any hardship with them by your side. Ask for extra family time and be sure to express your thanks.

9) Alternative to Crutches:  If your crutches are really bothering you, you should look into alternative mobility devices and put one at the top of your list. Goodbye Crutches has three great options to examine. The Seated Scooter is a wonderful device that allows you to sit and scoot yourself from place to place. It is a great way to tack on a little extra rest, no matter where you go. The Knee Scooter can help you move fast and get through your errands and tasks. As long as you can kneel comfortably, this is a great option for you. And the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch gives you the use of your hands, once again. You can strap this device on and walk much as you did before your injury. Choose the option that will suit your lifestyle best and highlight that choice at the very top of your wish list.

10) Waterproof Cast Protector:  Ask for DryPro! The DryPro™ Cast Protector is completely watertight, keeping your casts and bandages dry. DryPro offers the only cast protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep you dry. Whether you’re swimming or bathing, DryPro has got you covered!

Don’t forget to have fun with the season, despite your injury. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays and those around you. They might even make your injury fade into the background.  Merry Christmas!

How to Know if a Bone is Broken in Children

Most everyone I know has either fractured a bone or knows someone who has!  The term “fracture” may sound serious, but it is just another term for a broken bone.  Fact is, broken bones are very common, especially in childhood.  Did you know broken bones are actually the fourth most common injury among children under age 6?

Most bone fractures in children happen due to falls, but that doesn’t mean that every fall results in a broken bone!  If a child’s fall is greater than their height, there is greater risk of injury.  It’s not always easy to determine if a fracture has occured, so just exactly how do you know if a bone is broken?

If a bone is fractured:

  • There may have been a snap or grinding noise during the injury.
  • You will usually see swelling, bruising, or tenderness around the injured area.
  • There will most likely be some pain involved.
  • Watch for signs of a child favoring their injured limb.
  • There can be a visible deformity, like a bump or change in the shape of the bone.  However, if the broken bone is not displaced (when the pieces on either side of the break are out of line), it may be more difficult to determine if the bone is actually fractured.
  • Most importantly – visit your doctor.  Only an x-ray will confirm if you have a broken bone!  If after an x-ray, your child is still complaining of pain or something just isn’t quite right, do not hesitate to ask for another x-ray after 7-10 days.  By that time, calcium “ribbons” will be visible.  Calcium ribbons occur only when a bone has broken or suffered a greenstick fracture (a mild bone fracture or bone bend.)

If you suspect a broken bone, do your very best to keep the injured area still, until you know for sure what type of orthopedic injury you are dealing with.  Once you know you’re dealing with a fracture and have been casted, you’ll definitely want to visit CastCoverZ!  CastCoverZ! provides fun and functional products that comfort orthopedic patients, from cast covers and walking boot covers, to colored crutches and CrutchWear crutch accessories, we’ve got you covered!  OH, and don’t forget you’ll need to keep that cast DRY with DryPro waterproof cast protector and for some much needed relief from that itchy, stinky cast, try CastCooler!

Feel better, heal better and stay tuned for “How to Know if a Bone is Broken in Adults“, coming soon in our next post!