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why is it important to keep your cast dry

Why Is It Important to Keep Your Cast Dry?

In this Facebook Live: All Things Orthopedic Annette de Lancey (Founder and Owner of CastCoverz!) discusses how and why it is so important to keep your cast dry, with special guests Paul Hunt (President, Co-Founder of HMP Enterprises, Inc.) and Bruce Maloy (CEO, Co-Founder of HMP Enterprises) representing DryPro®, a division of HMP Enterprises. 

Getting a cast soaking wet creates many problems.  A wet cast compromises the rigidness and integrity of your cast; which is your healing orthopedic device. If saturated, you will need an orthopedic doctor visit to remove and replace it and check for skin infection. In addition, water-damaged casts are typically not covered by insurance. All doctors recommend to not get the cast wet.  Some are skeptical about the efficacy of any waterproof cover, even DryPro, the gold standard in waterproof cast covers. So be sure to check with your doctor.  

When shopping for a waterproof cast cover, we strongly recommend DryPro’s vacuum-seal technology, to ensure that no water is able to enter the cast cover while swimming, bathing or enjoying water activities.

Protect Your Hand, Fingers, Cast, Splint, or Brace From Cold and Wet Weather with Mittz!

Mittz! Cozy

Mittz! Cozy

Can’t wear gloves or mittens because you’re wearing a cast, splint, or brace?  CastCoverz! original inventions (inspired by our customers,) Mittz! Cozy and Mittz! Dry have you covered, warm and dry!  Mittz! Cozy saves your hand and fingers from the bitter cold temperatures outside.  Designed with your comfort in mind, Mittz! Cozy is made with soft fleece and a stretchy cuff to keep the elements out, while making it easy to take on and off.

Mittz! Dry in Mousekedots

Mittz! Dry in Mousekedots

Have to go out in the rain?  Mittz! Dry keeps your hand and fingers nice and dry with it’s weatherproof  fabric that repels water (not for immersion in water, though!)  Mittz! Dry is also made with a stretchy cuff, because who wants rain or snow in their cast?  Both Mittz! Cozy and Mittz! Dry have an optional side Velcro® closure, if the thumb is not moveable or is casted at a Y or L angle, from the palm of the hand.

Mittz DryTo keep your hand and fingers, cast, splint, or brace warm AND dry, try layering the Mittz! Cozy cold weather cast protector under the Mittz! Dry wet weather cast protector!  For other CastCoverz! super-soft and oh-so-cozy cast protectors, check out our blog post:  The Weather Outside is Frightful, but Our Cast Covers are Delightful

8 Things You Must Know About Wearing a Cast

If you have injured a bone or ligament, or had surgery, your doctor may choose to apply a cast.  A cast will immobilize the injured area to allow healing.  Wearing a cast will feel awkward and inconvenient, but here are some important things you should know.

5 Things You Must Know About Wearing a Cast:

1.  The most important thing you must know about wearing a cast is to keep it DRY!  This is the #1 request of orthopedic doctors.  If your cast gets wet and becomes gooey inside, your skin could get raw and quite possibly infected (ewww), while the cast loses it’s integrity…Oh No!  Fear not, CastCoverz! will help you keep your cast dry, clean, and scratch & snag-free with fabric cast covers and waterproof cast protectors, which allow you to bathe and swim, while keeping your cast dry!  If you have to be injured, might as well add some personality with cast covers and have a little fun with waterproof protectors!


2.  Keep your broken bone elevated above the level of your heart, especially in the first 24-48 hours.  This will be crucial in helping reduce the swelling and pain.

3.  Know that it is very normal to lose muscle mass in the area that is casted.  When your cast is removed, you will notice your arm or leg being very scrawny and weak (gasp!,) this is to be expected.  No worries, you’ll gain your muscle mass back in no time!

4.  Do not stick anything inside your cast, especially sharp objects to scratch an itch.  This can cause a skin breakdown, your incision to get infected, or your item could get lost in the abyss of your cast (uh-oh!)  If you have an itch, try the CastCooler®.  This dad-invented product reduces itch and keeps your cast fresh and odor-free by drying out the moisture in the lining.  All you need is the hose of your vacuum cleaner!  It’s a BLAST of fresh air for your icky, stinky, itchy cast.

5.  Feeling claustrophobic from your cast? With the CastCooler, the cool, fresh air will relieve that stifling feeling.  What a relief!  Side benefit of the CastCooler:  It will dry out your cast, if accidentally spilled or splashed on, especially these hot summer days!

6.  Your cast will scratch and catch everything in sight…your favorite sweater, those expensive Egyptian sheets, car upholstery, Fido the family dog, Grandma’s dining room table, and everything you can imagine!  Keep your cast clean and protect your favorite items and people by wearing CastCoverz! daily! These fashionable and functional cast covers come in a wide variety of fabrics from solid colors to bold, vibrant prints.

7.  Casts get dirty and are just plain ugly!  Prevent daily grime, spaghetti sauce, and coffee stains from putting a damper on your day.  It’s bound to happen, but with CastCoverz!, you’re covered because we care!  Our fabric cast covers will hide the grime and give your cast some personality.  Go bold, go beautiful, or stay neutral with our wide variety of fabrics.  Simply remove and hand wash to keep your cover clean.

8.  Please call your doctor if you experience any of the following; swelling, fever, cast feels too tight or too loose, cast breaks or cracks, or if you have ANY questions or concerns about your condition or care of your cast.

For more info on cast care, check out the following article:  Care of Casts and Splints by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  With proper cast care, a cast will do it’s job and promote healing effectiveness!


Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 1

Part 1:  DryPro to the Rescue!

Wearing a cast is never any fun, but having to wear one during the summer months is quite possibly the worst, especially if you’re a child.  Don’t fret, CastCoverz! can save your summer with DryPro waterproof cast protectors!


DryPro offers watertight protection, keeping your cast (or bandage) completely DRY.  Between the waterproof material and vacuum seal, you can enjoy any and all water activities, permitted by your doctor of course, and still have your cast stay dry.

Whether you have a beach vacation on the horizon or plan on enjoying summer right in your own backyard at the pool, CastCoverz! is fully stocked with DryPro and ready to ship, just in time for summer!

No bones about it…wearing a cast in the summer just isn’t any fun! We hope Part 1 of our “Save Your Summer with CastCoverz!”, 3 part series, will help you or your loved one enjoy summer, even while wearing a cast.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 of our series…Part 2:  “CastCooler to the Rescue!” and Part 3:  “Fun Things To Do While Wearing a Cast!

Happy Summer!