Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 1

Part 1:  DryPro to the Rescue!

Wearing a cast is never any fun, but having to wear one during the summer months is quite possibly the worst, especially if you’re a child.  Don’t fret, CastCoverz! can save your summer with DryPro waterproof cast protectors!


DryPro offers watertight protection, keeping your cast (or bandage) completely DRY.  Between the waterproof material and vacuum seal, you can enjoy any and all water activities, permitted by your doctor of course, and still have your cast stay dry.

Whether you have a beach vacation on the horizon or plan on enjoying summer right in your own backyard at the pool, CastCoverz! is fully stocked with DryPro and ready to ship, just in time for summer!

No bones about it…wearing a cast in the summer just isn’t any fun! We hope Part 1 of our “Save Your Summer with CastCoverz!”, 3 part series, will help you or your loved one enjoy summer, even while wearing a cast.

Stay tuned for Parts 2 and 3 of our series…Part 2:  “CastCooler to the Rescue!” and Part 3:  “Fun Things To Do While Wearing a Cast!

Happy Summer!



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