Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 2

CastCooler® to the Rescue!

Hot, sweaty, itchy, and stinky no more!  CastCoverz! can save your summer with CastCooler itchy cast reliever.  CastCooler is a breakthrough in cast care!  Using a common household vacuum, the CastCooler is designed to concentrate cooling and drying effectiveness on moist areas under your cast, it will cool your cast, reduce odor and itch, freshen, as well as speed dry your cast!  It is one amazing product that provides much needed relief and comfort while wearing a cast.

One of our customers said, “I love the CastCooler the most because it actually works!  My cast doesn’t smell, doesn’t itch, or feel sweaty.  It is really easy to use at home.  It feels really good and the feeling lasts for awhile.  It is definitely worth getting!”  Watch the VIDEO on our website to witness a customer’s initial reaction to the immediate relief CastCooler provides.

With our 3 part series, we strive to help save your summer, should you or a loved one end up wearing a cast.  Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 1:  “DryPro to the Rescue!” helps save your summer with waterproof cast protectors, so you or your loved one can enjoy a dip in the pool or play in the waves at the beach.   Part 2:  “CastCooler to the Rescue!” saves your summer by providing relief and comfort on those hot summer days.  Stay tuned for Part 3:  “Fun Things to do While Wearing a Cast!

Happy Summer!

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