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How to Stay Cool During the Summer on Crutches

The summer heat can make anyone miserable, but if you have to spend it on crutches, you are worse off than ever before. Having your injured foot or ankle in a walking boot or cast will only make that area sweat even more. Not to mention itch! There are ways you can stay cool during the summer months, even if you have a non-weight bearing injury. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Utilize the CastCooler for Comfort and Relief
girlwcast_261One of the best things you can do for yourself, while in a cast, is invest in a CastCooler. The CastCooler is a great device you simply wrap around your cast, attach to a standard vacuum cleaner hose, turn the vacuum on, and voila, the air removes moisture from the lining under your cast. It will leave you with a cool, fresh feeling that will help you from getting itchy in places you can’t access and keep your cast dry. When your injured area feels cool and fresh, the rest of you will feel cool as well.

Get an Alternative to Crutches
Goodbye Crutches Knee ScooterCrutches take a lot of work and when you’re moving around in the summer heat, you’re going to get hot fast. With the Hands Free Crutch, you can walk much like normal and get around very quickly. The Knee Scooter is easy to use and when you scoot yourself fast enough, you can even make your own breeze. The Seated Scooter allows you to sit and move around so you can rest and keep the sweating to a minimum.

Stay Inside
When the weather predictors are telling you about heat warnings and the danger of a high heat index, you should stay inside and keep cool. Your health is a priority during the recovery process and if you have to spoil yourself a little by staying in the cool air conditioning, then do so.

Drink More Water
One of the ways to help yourself feel cooler on the outside is by keeping your insides hydrated. Drink cool water continuously while you are out in the heat. You will feel better and the water will help keep you cool. You can also put the cool bottle on the back of your neck, forehead, or wherever else is feeling hot to give you some temporary relief.

Submerge in Water with DryPro
DryPro customer

If you have a cast on your foot, you can’t just jump into a pool, unless you have the DryPro Waterproof Cast Protector.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least put one foot in the water. Use your kid’s little blow up pool and sink one foot into the cool water while you watch them play. You might even ask the kids to squirt you with their squirt guns this year!


Group Photo with CCZ products and AdGIn order to feel a different kind of cool, take a look at the variety of CastCoverz! you can purchase to hide or jazz up your plain, boring cast, while keeping it clean and snag-free! CastCoverz! provides FUNctional and fashionable orthopedic accessories such as cast covers, walking boot covers, designer color crutches & crutch pads, in addition to comfort and care products. Take the attention off your injury and put it onto your fun and fashionable cast cover instead!

Staying cool during the hot summer months can be a challenge, especially with a non-weight bearing injury. But with a little planning and the above tips, you can ward off a little bit of the misery!

Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 2

CastCooler® to the Rescue!

Hot, sweaty, itchy, and stinky no more!  CastCoverz! can save your summer with CastCooler itchy cast reliever.  CastCooler is a breakthrough in cast care!  Using a common household vacuum, the CastCooler is designed to concentrate cooling and drying effectiveness on moist areas under your cast, it will cool your cast, reduce odor and itch, freshen, as well as speed dry your cast!  It is one amazing product that provides much needed relief and comfort while wearing a cast.

One of our customers said, “I love the CastCooler the most because it actually works!  My cast doesn’t smell, doesn’t itch, or feel sweaty.  It is really easy to use at home.  It feels really good and the feeling lasts for awhile.  It is definitely worth getting!”  Watch the VIDEO on our website to witness a customer’s initial reaction to the immediate relief CastCooler provides.

With our 3 part series, we strive to help save your summer, should you or a loved one end up wearing a cast.  Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 1:  “DryPro to the Rescue!” helps save your summer with waterproof cast protectors, so you or your loved one can enjoy a dip in the pool or play in the waves at the beach.   Part 2:  “CastCooler to the Rescue!” saves your summer by providing relief and comfort on those hot summer days.  Stay tuned for Part 3:  “Fun Things to do While Wearing a Cast!

Happy Summer!