Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 3

Fun Things To Do While Wearing a Cast!

Have a friend or loved one who is wearing a cast this summer?  Here are 10 FUN things to do for them to help them feel better, so they heal better!

  1. Introduce them to CastCoverz!
  2. If cast covers just aren’t their thing, how about bringing over some markers or bling and help decorate their cast.
  3. Make a homemade get-well card or send a funny e-card for a chuckle.
  4. Spend time hanging out to relieve boredom.
  5. How about a mani/pedi!
  6. Treat them to a movie and enjoy some popcorn.
  7. Make dinner for their family.  What a nice treat after running around to all those doctor appointments, especially for mom!
  8. Bring over goodies to make a fun craft or try a new comfort food recipe from Pinterest to help them feel better, so they heal better!
  9. Take them swimming or to the beach, but don’t forget to buy a DryPro waterproof cast protector beforehand!
  10. Last but definitely not least, surprise them with a CastCooler for comfort and relief from that itchy, stinky cast!

With our 3 Part Series, we strive to help save your summer, should you or a loved one end up wearing a cast.  Save Your Summer with CastCoverz! – Part 1:  “DryPro to the Rescue!” helps save your summer with waterproof cast protectors, so you or your loved one can enjoy a dip in the pool or play in the waves at the beach.   Part 2:  “CastCooler to the Rescue!” saves your summer by providing relief and comfort on those hot summer days.  And finally, Part 3:  “Fun Things To Do While Wearing a Cast!” will help you help those you love have a blast while wearing a cast.

Enjoy your summer!

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