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Festive CastCoverz! Products For The Holiday Season

Don’t let an injured arm or leg take the “ho-ho-ho” out of your holiday season! As the mom of a child who has broken over 20 bones – and owner of CastCoverz! ® who has served tens of thousands of customers – I know firsthand that wearing a cast, boot, splint, sling or being on crutches can dampen the holiday spirit. Not only do our covers protect your clothes, furniture, and skin from snags and scratches, and keep your unexpected wardrobe necessity clean, they also add fun to your not-so-fun injury.

Whether you are going to a holiday party with a cast or boot or spending time cozied up by the fire with your family and friends, make sure you are the talk of the holiday celebrations with a festive cast cover!

Following are just a handful of our most popular holiday prints.

Christmas Chevron: Zig and zag your way to holiday happiness with our Limited Edition CrutchWear in Christmas Chevron:

CastCoverz Christmas Chevron Red Crutches for Broken Leg

Bling it On Black:  Glitter silver sparkles on a rich black velvet background (available in Armz!, Legz!, and Bootz!). Photography just doesn’t do sparkles or holograms justice!

CastCoverz! Arm Cast Cover Black

Rubylicious: Elegant ruby velvet with hologram gold filigree design is lux and stunning (available in Armz!, Legz! and Bootz!).

CastCoverz! Arm Cast Cover Rubylicious Red

Santa’s Snowflake: This product will protect your sheets from snagging while keeping you warm and festive for the holidays. (As shown in Sleeping Bagz! for boots, also available in Sleeperz! for arm and leg casts and Mittz! for hand weather protection.)

Classic Red: Look festive and cheery! For ho-ho-holiday happiness.

CastCoverz! Leg Cast Cover Red

We also have a variety of Slingz! in holiday fabrics.

Limited Edition Christmas Chevron

CastCoverz Christmas Chevron Arm Sling


Rarin’ to Go Red!

Forest Green with Gold Scrolls

All of our fun and functional CastCoverz! are made in the USA. We hope they bring you lots of joy and healing this holiday season!

Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz!

6 Ways to Complete Your Prom or Wedding Look (With an Injury)

Prom Wedding Injured

Can you find her CastCoverz!? Discreet cover matched bride’s dress!

Injuries and surgeries always come at the worst time.  But, it is especially difficult and disappointing right before a very special event.

What’s worse is your cast, boot, crutches, sling, or any orthopedic device can be a major distraction for your special day. Not to worry- we’ve got you COVERED!


6 ways to conceal or glam it up for the bride, prom-goer or groom…

1. Add color! Casts and crutches can be wrapped or taped in a variety of colors or patterns, even glow-in-the-dark. The best selection is DuckBrand®.  You can find rolls of it at your local hardware or office supply store.  We’ve even spotted them at Target®!

Here’s a link for a printable $5.00 off DuckBrand coupon.

2. You can order some spectacular CastCoverz! CrutchWear – our designer Crutch Covers & Bags! These beautiful designer fabrics can cater to every occasion. Our (optional) crutch bag has two roomy pockets with a snap closure, perfect for storing your phone or accessories when you’re not snapping pictures!

Choose from a variety of solid colors or prints, to match your look for your special day.

3. Bedazzle it! Glam and glitz your cast, boot, crutches, even your sling!  But, beware jewels and crystals often have edges which can snag your dress or tux.  Might be better to cover it up.  Check out our Pinterest page for outstanding customer design ideas here.

4. Casttoo This decal like product looks like a tattoo for your cast. The rough surface of a cast can be tricky to draw on, especially intricate designs, so this is a clever alternative.  Be very careful care, though. A hot hairdryer is used in its application.  You don’t need a burn to go with that cast.

5. Use it as a memory-book!  Grab a rainbow of Sharpie®’s, commemorate the event or date, then let your friends or family sign it.  You will have a keepsake to remember (and eventually treasure).

Prom Wedding Injured

Prom-goer in custom Legz! open toe and rhinestones to match fun, flirty dress!

6. Cover it! With dozens of fabric selections, you’re sure to find something at CastCoverz!  to cover that cast, boot, brace, or splint.  CastCoverz! can create and customize any cover or sling to match your ensemble or make it stand out.

Select Your Style

Whether you want a custom creation with matching lace, rhinestones, or sequins, or you want to keep it simple with one of our stock covers in lace, black, nude, ivory, or white.

Prom Wedding Injured

24Karat cast cover matched this prom goer’s dress like a glove!

Even if you want to make it disappear, coordinate, or pop, you are sure to find a way to do so with these helpful tips! Don’t get caught up in the injury blues, and focus on the most important factor: making memories at your special event. “Embrace” this special day and, above all, be safe and have fun!

Pro Tip: Customize your wedding

For some reason, parents are particularly clumsy the week before their child’s wedding 🙂 We create custom covers for members of the entire wedding party, especially mother(s) of the groom or bride.   For more custom pictures, please check out our Custom Covers page.  

Please add your family-friendly comment on how you glammed or covered up your injury on your special day. Pictures are welcome, too!

How to Bling Your Boot, Cast, & Crutches: Part 3 of 3

Part 3:  How to Bling Your Crutches!

No one wants to be on crutches.  They hurt your hands, your arms, and they certainly hurt your sense of style; and, we all know the frustration of how even the simplest of tasks (carrying keys, a water bottle, cell phone, etc) becomes unmanageable while on crutches. That’s why CastCoverz! brings you the most comfortable, beautiful, expressive, and practical CrutchWear®on the market.  But first, let’s talk about some ideas if you’re stuck with those ugly, standard issue crutches.

“Tribal Fusion” designed by one of our very own customers, shown with our original “Go Wild” 5-piece cover set.

Get creative and think outside the box to bling those babies up.  How about using some leopard print duct tape and ribbon to fashionize your crutches?  Other clever ideas include blinging them up with sparkly rhinestones, covering them up with your favorite stickers or decals, and how about permanent markers?  Use colorful markers to create your own design or have your friends and family autograph them.  If these ideas don’t strike your fancy or you just aren’t the creative type, ask your friends for suggestions, or better yet…have a crutch decorating party…Oh-so-fun!!!  Whatever you do, make them yours!  Please send us your pictures.  We’ll include your design in future posts.

5-piece crutch cover set in “Hearts to You”

If you’re looking to add comfort and style to your crutches, CastCoverz! Crutchwear crutch covers and bags are made with superior construction and premium fabrics for the ultimate in style and durability.  Need vibrant, stylish crutches to perfectly complement our crutch covers?  Put away those standard issue crutches and go bold, go colorful with LemonAid designer color crutches, now a CastCoverz! brand.

However you decide to decorate your crutches, have FUN with it and add your own personal touch!  If you have to be hobbling around because of an orthopedic injury, you might as well look good doing it!  OH…and crutches aren’t the only part of the equation, if you’re wearing an orthotic walking boot or cast, check out our related posts:  How to Bling Your Boot! and How to Bling Your Cast!

Feel Better, Heal Better!

Crutch Covers and Cast Covers in Camouflage

Dan is not only sporting his Legz! cast cover in Camo, but also his Member of the Broken Bones Club T-shirt!

No one wants to be on crutches.  They hurt your hands, your arms, and they certainly hurt your sense of style.  Even guys still want to look cool while hobbling around!

Just look at CastCoverz! customer Dan.  He’s cool as a cucumber wearing our Legz! cast cover in Camouflage Green (did you notice our Chocolate Brown designer colored crutches with green camouflage crutch covers in the background?!)

He wrote on Facebook how he “loves how the crutches are more well made, quieter, and have better bottom grips.  Seriously, their crutches are EXCELLENT!”

Put away those standard issue crutches and go bold and go colorful with designer colored crutches. CastCoverz! crutches are made with superior construction, made of lightweight aluminum, and powder-coated for durability and vibrancy.  Now couple that with the most comfortable, beautiful, expressive, and practical CrutchWear® on the market and you’ll be a walking (or hobbling) fashion trend, while on the mend!

Feel Better, Heal Better!