What to Wear While On Crutches

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches

CrutchesIf you’ve had surgery or injured yourself and you’re in the non-weight bearing status and on crutches, you are likely struggling with a lot of things on a daily basis. Of course, you are wondering how you are supposed to get up and down stairs, but even worse, you must be struggling with basic things like showering and getting dressed! With these helpful hints from Goodbye Crutches, you should have a better idea of how to dress for the success of your recovery. Here are some suggestions on what you should wear while on crutches.

-Suggestion 1: The Right Fit
When you are on crutches, you do not want to wear clothing that is too tight or constrictive, which would make it harder to move and make you even more hot and sweaty than you already are. You also do not want to wear loose and baggy clothing that could cause you to trip. Find things in your wardrobe that fit properly, not too tight, not too baggy!

-Suggestion 2: Comfort is Key
When you are dealing with crutches and the hazards of being in a non-weight bearing status, you need to think about comfort above anything else, other than safety, of course! If you have clothing that is not of the utmost comfort, forget those items for now, and focus on being comfortable while you recover.

-Suggestion 3: A Stable Shoe
It might be strange to pick out just one shoe to wear, but when you have a foot or leg injury, it’s all you need. Choose your shoe with care because with only one foot to get where you need to go, you need to make sure your shoe is comfortable and easy to get off and on, without sliding off unexpectedly. The shoe needs to be supportive, too, so you don’t cause your good foot any more grief than the extra use it’s already getting.

-Suggestion 4: Cut Offs or Elastic
It might be rather painful to pull anything over your injured area for awhile, so you might want to consider cutting off some of your old pants and making them into shorts, so they do not aggravate the injury. If that’s not your first choice, buy some pants with elastic (such as sweatpants,) so they can easily stretch over your injured leg.


CastCoverz! CrutchWear

Classic Cheetah Alison Gary

Armz! Cast Cover in Classic Cheetah

-Suggestion 5: CastCoverz!
You might feel like you lack style and creativity during the recovery process, since you are dressing for comfort and not aesthetics. CastCoverz! to the rescue! CastCoverz! offers fun and functional products that comfort orthopedic patients. They have fashionable and solid-color brace and cast covers that slip right over your orthopedic device to keep it clean and scratch-free. Their CrutchWear relieves under-arm and palm-of-your hand pain from crutches with oh-so-comfy and cool designer crutch pads. Add some personality and color to an otherwise not so fun time in your life. You can buy one that matches everything or mix it up with many fabrics to choose from, for kids and adults alike!

-Suggestion 6: Options OTHER than Crutches
Goodbye Crutches Knee ScooterYou might feel as though your crutches are the one accessory you can’t get rid of, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Goodbye Crutches has three great alternatives to help those who struggle with crutches. The Knee Scooter, the Seated Scooter, and the Hands Free Crutch all can help you get around easier, faster, and with more freedom than you can imagine.

With these suggestions, you should be able to choose the perfect clothing items to help you get through the recovery process, with as much comfort and ease as possible. Keep in mind that all of your clothes will be waiting for you when you’re off those crutches. In fact, you’ll feel like you have a whole new wardrobe!

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5 Things You Must Know About Wearing a Cast

If you have injured a bone or ligament, or had surgery, your doctor may choose to apply a cast.  A cast will immobilize the injured area to allow healing.  Wearing a cast will feel awkward and inconvenient, but here are some important things you should know.

5 Things You Must Know About Wearing a Cast:

1.  The most important thing you must know about wearing a cast is to keep it DRY!  This is the #1 request of orthopedic doctors.  If your cast gets wet and becomes gooey inside, your skin could get raw and quite possibly infected (ewww), while the cast loses it’s integrity…Oh No!  Fear not, CastCoverz! will help you keep your cast dry, clean, and scratch & snag-free with fabric cast covers and waterproof cast protectors, which allow you to bathe and swim, while keeping your cast dry!  If you have to be injured, might as well add some personality with cast covers and have a little fun with waterproof protectors!


2.  Keep your broken bone elevated above the level of your heart, especially in the first 24-48 hours.  This will be crucial in helping reduce the swelling and pain.

3.  Know that it is very normal to lose muscle mass in the area that is casted.  When your cast is removed, you will notice your arm or leg being very scrawny and weak (gasp!,) this is to be expected.  No worries, you’ll gain your muscle mass back in no time!

4.  Do not stick anything inside your cast, especially sharp objects to scratch an itch.  This can cause a skin breakdown, your incision to get infected, or your item could get lost in the abyss of your cast (uh-oh!)  If you have an itch, try the CastCooler®.  This dad-invented product reduces itch and keeps your cast fresh and odor-free by drying out the moisture in the lining.  All you need is the hose of your vacuum cleaner!  It’s a BLAST of fresh air for your icky, stinky, itchy cast.

5.  Feeling claustrophobic from your cast? With the CastCooler, the cool, fresh air will relieve that stifling feeling.  What a relief!  Side benefit of the CastCooler:  It will dry out your cast, if accidentally spilled or splashed on, especially these hot summer days!

6.  Your cast will scratch and catch everything in sight…your favorite sweater, those expensive Egyptian sheets, car upholstery, Fido the family dog, Grandma’s dining room table, and everything you can imagine!  Keep your cast clean and protect your favorite items and people by wearing CastCoverz! daily! These fashionable and functional cast covers come in a wide variety of fabrics from solid colors to bold, vibrant prints.

7.  Casts get dirty and are just plain ugly!  Prevent daily grime, spaghetti sauce, and coffee stains from putting a damper on your day.  It’s bound to happen, but with CastCoverz!, you’re covered because we care!  Our fabric cast covers will hide the grime and give your cast some personality.  Go bold, go beautiful, or stay neutral with our wide variety of fabrics.  Simply remove and hand wash to keep your cover clean.

8.  Please call your doctor if you experience any of the following; swelling, fever, cast feels too tight or too loose, cast breaks or cracks, or if you have ANY questions or concerns about your condition or care of your cast.

For more info on cast care, check out the following article:  Care of Casts and Splints by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.  With proper cast care, a cast will do it’s job and promote healing effectiveness!


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How to Keep Sand Out of Your Cast and Walking Boot


Do your summer plans include going to the beach, but you’re wondering how you’ll keep the sand out of your cast or orthopedic walking boot?  CastCoverz! has some solutions for you!  CastCoverz! offers FUNctional products for comfort and care while casted, bandaged, braced, in a boot, or on crutches.

Here are 5 tips from CastCoverz! to help keep the sand out of your cast or walking boot:

DryPro1.  DryPro Waterproof Protector – DryPro lets you enjoy swimming at the pool, beach, or lake without the fear of getting your cast wet AND keeps the sand out due to it’s heavy-weight rubber and patented vacuum seal (available for both arms and legs.) SAFETY ALERT: DRYPRO is NOT FOR USE WITH AN ORTHOPEDIC BOOT!!

2.  CastShield & Mittz! Dry –  For your hand or arm cast, try using the CastShield Waterproof Protector (for bathing) and covering it with Mittz! Dry.  Mittz! is a protective cover made of weather-resistant designer fabric, perfect for layering with the CastShield to keep sand and water out!

3.  CastShield & Slickerz! – For your leg cast or bandages, try using the CastShield Waterproof Protector (for bathing) and covering it with a Slickerz!  Slickerz! is a protective cover made of weather-resistant designer fabric, perfect for layering with the CastShield to keep sand and water out.

4.  BootGuardz! – Protect your orthopedic walking boot, boot liner, and toes from sand getting inside with BootGuardz!, our made-in-the-USA/weather resistant boot cover. For proper footing and your safety, the tread is left exposed. Not for immersion in water.

5.  Glad® Press‘n Seal® – Press’n Seal seals tight on a variety of surfaces, including skin! Just wrap Press’n Seal around a cast (make sure to overlap so 1″ or 2″ of your skin provides the seal).  It will keep you dry for light water activities (splash and plays, sprinklers, etc…) and will keep sand out, too!  It’s great if you forgot your DryPro or CastShield!

Legz_ClassicCheetah_WO_560__04869.1378873283.165.165CastCoverz! provides fabric covers for casts, braces, splints, boots, crutches and so much more!  These covers will help keep your cast clean and snag-free from items such as your clothing, furniture, and other people!  However, CastCoverz! fabric cast covers will not keep the sand (or water) out because fabric is weaved, which can allow granules in.

Don’t let being in a cast or walking boot spoil your summer vacation plans!  If you have any questions or concerns about our tips, please do not hesitate calling us at 1-800-CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268).  Go ahead and enjoy the beach!

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How to Stay Cool During the Summer on Crutches

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches

The summer heat can make anyone miserable, but if you have to spend it on crutches, you are worse off than ever before. Having your injured foot or ankle in a walking boot or cast will only make that area sweat even more. Not to mention itch! There are ways you can stay cool during the summer months, even if you have a non-weight bearing injury. Here are some ideas to help you out.

Utilize the CastCooler for Comfort and Relief
girlwcast_261One of the best things you can do for yourself, while in a cast, is invest in a CastCooler. The CastCooler is a great device you simply wrap around your cast, attach to a standard vacuum cleaner hose, turn the vacuum on, and voila, the air removes moisture from the lining under your cast. It will leave you with a cool, fresh feeling that will help you from getting itchy in places you can’t access and keep your cast dry. When your injured area feels cool and fresh, the rest of you will feel cool as well.

Get an Alternative to Crutches
Goodbye Crutches Knee ScooterCrutches take a lot of work and when you’re moving around in the summer heat, you’re going to get hot fast. This is a great reason to look into the 3 alternatives to crutches that Goodbye Crutches offers. With the Hands Free Crutch, you can walk much like normal and get around very quickly. The Knee Scooter is easy to use and when you scoot yourself fast enough, you can even make your own breeze. The Seated Scooter allows you to sit and move around so you can rest and keep the sweating to a minimum.

Stay Inside
When the weather predictors are telling you about heat warnings and the danger of a high heat index, you should stay inside and keep cool. Your health is a priority during the recovery process and if you have to spoil yourself a little by staying in the cool air conditioning, then do so.

Drink More Water
One of the ways to help yourself feel cooler on the outside is by keeping your insides hydrated. Drink cool water continuously while you are out in the heat. You will feel better and the water will help keep you cool. You can also put the cool bottle on the back of your neck, forehead, or wherever else is feeling hot to give you some temporary relief.

Submerge in Water with DryPro
DryPro customer

If you have a cast on your foot, you can’t just jump into a pool, unless you have the DryPro Waterproof Cast Protector.  But, that doesn’t mean you can’t at least put one foot in the water. Use your kid’s little blow up pool and sink one foot into the cool water while you watch them play. You might even ask the kids to squirt you with their squirt guns this year!


Group Photo with CCZ products and AdGIn order to feel a different kind of cool, take a look at the variety of CastCoverz! you can purchase to hide or jazz up your plain, boring cast, while keeping it clean and snag-free! CastCoverz! provides FUNctional and fashionable orthopedic accessories such as cast covers, walking boot covers, designer color crutches & crutch pads, in addition to comfort and care products. Take the attention off your injury and put it onto your fun and fashionable cast cover instead!

Staying cool during the hot summer months can be a challenge, especially with a non-weight bearing injury. But with a little planning and the above tips, you can ward off a little bit of the misery!

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