10 Fun Things to Do While in a Cast: During Quarantine!

Injured Man in deep thoughtsAhhhhh, you are injured and boredom is setting in.

In the midst of a global pandemic (COVID-19), we’re all experiencing the boredom that accompanies stay at home orders and social distancing.  Healing from an injury makes this waiting game even more uncomfortable!

By now, you’ve probably found yourself wobbling around the house, trying to brainstorm creative ways to keep your mind busy as your body/limbs heal. You are feeling trapped and the walls are closing in around you.

Frustrating isn’t it?  It makes you angry and cranky, and is affecting not only you, but those around you as well. You have the itch to do something. ANYTHING.  But what?

Hang in there, help is on the way!  Here is a great list of things to keep you occupied while resting and recovering that will help keep your mind off of the things you (and many other people around the world) can’t do during this time:

  • Binge watch your favorite movies or a childhood TV series from start to finish
  • Play board games, start a puzzle, blow bubbles, or bust out the Play-Doh…why not?
  • Sort through old photos and make scrapbooks for your family and friends
  • Learn something new, like knitting, playing the piano, sofa juggling, or maybe even a new language
  • Create a free blog, share your experience AND your road to recovery in the midst of a pandemic
  • Start that bucket list; in fact, make a book with photos to help inspire you during this time (think about who you’ll want to share this experience with years from now!)
  • Research your next vacation; big or small, near or far…plan something fun
  • Color…who doesn’t love to color? It actually releases tension, too! For FUN coloring pictures, click HERE
  • Create a playlist. Add all your favorite songs and jam out while making it. Cheers you up and gives you something you can use forever!
  • Decorate your cast, boot, or crutch; family stuck at home might also enjoy sharing this project with you! Be sure to check out our 3 part Blog series “How to Bling Your Boot, Cast, & Crutches“, too!

Here’s a bonus tip:  Do something “old-fashioned”.  Write thank you (and catch-up) notes to your friends and family!

We’d love to hear from our readers! Please leave your best family-friendly tips and ideas, below!

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Camping in a Cast!

Into the Unknown… in a cast!

Planning an adventure into the Great Outdoors this summer?! We’ve got you covered!

At CastCoverz! we have items to help you, or your loved one, survive through summer with a cast (or a splint or a PICC line or a bandage) and still have a blast!  Enjoying family fun outside can get messy, but we’re here to help you protect your orthopedic device from dirt, water, and even (dare I say) critters?!

Likewise, if you’re going to the beach and have a cast or an orthopedic walking boot (also known as a fracture boot or walking cast) check out our post, How To Keep Sand Out of Your Cast and Walking Boot. 

Prepare for Adventure 

Whether you’re planning to camp out in your backyard (or BEYOND), there’s a few other items you’ll want to bring along to ensure your cast stays warm, dry, clean & protected:


Sleeperz!: made from soft micro-fiber or fleece to eliminate scratches, snagging and scrapes, the common side effects of casts- perfect for chilly nights in a tent! (Available for Arms and Legs)

Slickerz!: Our closed toe design and WEATHERproof fabric keep your leg cast, bandages, and toes clean and dry from to protect from the elements of Mother Nature; a drawstring cord prevents the elements from going down your leg, too! Not for sitting in puddles or sand! 🙂


AquaShieldUSA Waterproof Cast Protectors: For keeping worry-free expeditions into the water!

Waterproof Cast Cover at CastCoverz!

Waterproof cast covers keep summer fun!

CastCoverz! is proud to partner with AquaShieldUSA – the oldest manufacturer of cast waterproof products in the United States. AquaShieldUSA waterproof cast covers keeps bandages, casts, splints, PICC line, and prostheses dry from showering/bathing, even swimming. Even so, it is easy to take on and take off, there is no pump, it is latex-free and reusable.

Want to order a waterproof cast cover for your arm or leg cast?
Sizing is very specific. Please refer to our website and videos to obtain correct sizing information (click on links below to be taken to the correct page).

Waterproof Cast Covers for arms and legs are available for children and adults. 

At CastCoverz! we know that being in a cast may not be fun, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, itchy, smelly or stop you from enjoying the outdoors! Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz!

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CastCoverz! celebrates the USA!

When our 7 year old broke her leg on July 2nd, I had the ER doc wrap her long leg cast in red, then white, then blue casting tape. Creative, right?  Instead of showing her patriotism, she looked like a barber pole. But, that was before CastCoverz! was born. We’ve made it much easier for you to show your patriotism!

CastCoverz! keeps you covered in RED, WHITE & BLUE, as you honor the Land of the FREE because of the BRAVE!

From machine-washable fabrics to customized trim & media pockets (available in Slingz!), we’ve got the perfect accessories to keep your orthopedic device CLEAN, GERM-FREE and to prevent scratching or snagging.

View ALL of your patriotic options on our website: http://www.castcoverz.com

#4thofJuly #USA

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Caring For Your Cast During COVID-19

COVID-19 has heightened our awareness of all things CLEAN.

From face masks to manic disinfecting, we’ve quickly learned that germs & viruses spread rapidly; consequently, we’ve been forced to become diligent about protecting ourselves & our loved ones during this strange time.

If you’re currently healing in a cast, you know how DIFFICULT it is to care for your cast properly.  In fact, you have to be even more aware of what germs you are tracking into your home on a plaster cast or orthopedic device that can’t just be thrown into the washing machine.

 So what’s the solution?!

Our team of orthopedic device experts have brainstormed some simple life hacks for you, as you face the day-to-day challenges of living with a cast during a pandemic.

Here are our Top 3 Cast Care Tips:

  1. Keep it dry – invest in a watertight cast protector for your Arm or Leg Cast (we recommend our very own AquaShieldUSA); this will allow you to shower without having to worry about water sneaking into your cast.
  2. Never place anything inside your cast – we know an itchy cast is no fun, but trying to scratch inside your cast can not only damage the device, but can also transfer germs or bacteria to the inside as well.
  3. To prevent scratching, snagging, and to keep your cast CLEAN and dry, cover it with CastCoverZ! products – the EASIEST solution for keeping your device germ-free is to keep it covered! The beauty of our covers is that you can throw your cast cover in the washing machine at the end of the day or rotate out with another clean cover, as needed.  No more
    crawling into bed, wondering what germs you’re sleeping with at night, either! From FUNctional daily wear to cozy night time covers (Sleeperz!), we’ve got you covered!

And of course, as experts continue to study the outbreak & spreading pandemic, we encourage you to continue making your health a priority.  Consuming nutritious foods, washing your hands, getting rest (particularly while healing!) and getting some Vitamin D daily has been proven to boost the immune system.

We’re sending you healing hugs & wishing you a speedy recovery. Stay happy & healthy! This too shall pass…

Please contact our Happiness Gurus if you have ANY questions about what CastCoverz! products are BEST for you! (email: cs@castcoverz.com)

For other helpful cast care links, click HERE!


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