How to Keep Sand Out of Your Cast and Walking Boot


Do your summer plans include going to the beach, but you’re wondering how you’ll keep the sand out of your cast or orthopedic walking boot?  CastCoverz! has some solutions for you!  CastCoverz! offers FUNctional products for comfort and care while casted, bandaged, braced, in a boot, or on crutches.

Here are 5 tips from CastCoverz! to help keep the sand out of your cast or walking boot:

1.  AquaShieldUSA –  lets you enjoy swimming at the pool, beach, or lake without the fear of getting your cast wet AND keeps the sand out (available for both arms and legs.) SAFETY ALERT: NOT TO BE USED FOR IMMERSION WITH AN ORTHOPEDIC BOOT!!

2.  Slickerz! – For your leg cast or bandages, cover it with a CastCoverz! innovation, Slickerz!  Slickerz! is a protective cover made in-the-USA of a poly-urethane fabric which keeps 97% of the sand granules out.

3.  BootGuardz! – Protect your orthopedic walking boot, boot liner, Chiclets_HighTop_WO_700__07945.1382477481.1280.1280and toes from sand getting inside with BootGuardz!, our made-in-the-USA/weather resistant boot cover. For proper footing and your safety, the tread is left exposed. Not for immersion in water.

4.  Glad® Press‘n Seal® – Press’n Seal seals tight on a variety of surfaces, including skin! Just wrap Press’n Seal around a cast (make sure to overlap so 1″ or 2″ of your skin provides the seal).  It will keep you dry for light water activities (splash and plays, sprinklers, etc…) and will keep sand out, too!

5.  Mittz! Dry keeps sand out of hand casts, braces and splints with Mittz! Dry, our made-in-the-USA impervious to sand and dirt cover. Because it is a seamed product, it is not for immersion in water.

CastCoverz! provides fun, function-able, and fashionable covers for casts, braces, splints, boots, slings, crutches and so much more!  These covers will help keep your cast clean and snag-free from items such as your clothing, furniture, and other people!  CastCoverz! fabric cast covers are for daily wear (not for sand or water because fabric is a weaved product allowing sand granules/water to seep in).

Don’t let being in a cast or walking boot spoil your summer vacation plans!  If you have any questions about our tips or our products, please do not hesitate calling us at 1-800-CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268).

Go ahead and enjoy the beach!

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Inspirational Quote of The Day – Broken Arm


Better a broken arm than a bruised spirit. 

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Happy International Nurses Day!


To the nurses all around the world, Happy International Nurses Day!

We appreciate you.

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National Pet Week

It’s National Pet Week! Love up that pet!  FYI… we only cover people casts. We don’t cover pet casts and we recommend you don’t either! They’ll chew at it, eat it, swallow it and then another rush trip to the vet would be necessary. Be Kind to Animals Week

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