10 Christmas List Ideas When the Holiday Includes Crutches

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches

Christmas might be a little more complicated this year. And not just because you have to travel, buy gifts, decorate, and do everything you normally do. This year, you’re on crutches, so everything takes longer and will be harder. When it comes to surviving the holidays on one foot, there are ten things you are going to want to add to your own Christmas gift list!


1) Shower Bench:  You may have to give up a lot of things because of your crutches, but showering is not one of them! The Shower Bench will help you shower safely and enjoy the warm stream of water instead of having to hurry while balancing on one foot.

2) Comfy Cozy Cast Toe Warmer:  Nobody likes cold toes. The Cozy Toe Warmer fits over your foot like a slipper and wraps around the back of your boot or cast with easily adjustable Velcro. It will keep your toes warm, even outside in the snow, and will even keep them dry!

3) CastCoverz!:  Just because you have a cast on your foot doesn’t mean you can’t look good while keeping your cast clean and snag-free. Look through the 18-branded CastCoverz! orthopedic accessories and pick out a few special ones you can enjoy during your recovery.

4) Ice Packs:  Drippy Ziploc bags full of ice just won’t cut it. Ask for a few reusable ice packs you can use, and reuse, to keep the swelling down on your injured area.

5) Pillows:  Certain pillows work better for elevating your foot. Ask for a small pillow that is more on the firm side and you will find yourself wanting to take it with you everywhere!

6) Rest:  This might not be something to put on a gift list, but you do need to put it on your to-do list. No matter how much you need to get done or how much fun you are having at family gatherings and holiday parties, you have to force yourself to get the rest your body needs in order to heal quickly and efficiently.

7) Help:  You might want to tell some friends and family members to forego gifts for you this year and offer their help instead. If you need help with errands, ask one of them to do some for you. If you need a ride, someone else can handle that. You might even ask for help preparing holiday meals or even everyday family meals. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You may even get more than you need!

8) Family:  Another thing you can never replace is the family members around you. You can get through any hardship with them by your side. Ask for extra family time and be sure to express your thanks.

9) Alternative to Crutches:  If your crutches are really bothering you, you should look into alternative mobility devices and put one at the top of your list. Goodbye Crutches has three great options to examine. The Seated Scooter is a wonderful device that allows you to sit and scoot yourself from place to place. It is a great way to tack on a little extra rest, no matter where you go. The Knee Scooter can help you move fast and get through your errands and tasks. As long as you can kneel comfortably, this is a great option for you. And the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutch gives you the use of your hands, once again. You can strap this device on and walk much as you did before your injury. Choose the option that will suit your lifestyle best and highlight that choice at the very top of your wish list.

10) Waterproof Cast Protector:  Ask for DryPro! The DryPro™ Cast Protector is completely watertight, keeping your casts and bandages dry. DryPro offers the only cast protection in the world with the patented vacuum seal to keep you dry. Whether you’re swimming or bathing, DryPro has got you covered!

Don’t forget to have fun with the season, despite your injury. You can sit back, relax, and enjoy the holidays and those around you. They might even make your injury fade into the background.  Merry Christmas!

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CastCoverz! Goes to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios

CastCoverz! made the trip to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios in Florida with customer, Olivia! Here is her thoughtful testimonial for Testimonial Tuezday:

“I didn’t need the weatherproof BootGuardz! at all in Disney, we got lovely weather there!  But, there was a thunderstorm at the end of our Universal Potter day and it was torrential!  My Mousekedots BootGuardz! got it’s chance to shine and my walking boot stayed lovely and dry, while the rest of me got soaked!  The weather was so bad that we had to do a quick dash out of the park (have you ever tried a “quick dash” in between thunderstorms on crutches?  Not so easy – thankfully I can bear weight on my boot or else I wouldn’t have managed!)

The Purple Polka forearm crutch bag was a daily superstar.  Every morning, I popped/hopped downstairs, got my bagel, croissant & banana, arranged them all in the little bag, and hopped back up to my balcony for breakfast.  Bliss!  So, thank you for making my breakfasts easier and for saving me from a wet boot.  The bag even made it into a photo of the boot relaxing after breakfast on the balcony at Disney’s Yacht Club!”

CastCoverz! Forearm Crutch Bag in “Purple Polka”

Thankz for sharing your photo and CastCoverz! experience, Olivia!  We LOVE the photo!

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Stuck in Bed and Need Fitness?


Meet Stuck in Bed Fitness!

While exhibiting at the Medtrade-Connecting the Home Medical Equipment Industry Trade Show in Atlanta last month, we had the pleasure of being introduced to a new company, a new product called Stuck in Bed Fitness (In Bed Med Recovery.)  This company was started by a team of wellness specialists striving to help adults and children, who are confined to a bed or wheelchair, stay active and fit.  Their product is a fitness solution for recovery, therapy, & exercise needs for people of all ages, with injuries of all types.

“Using our product will provide you with a great way to maintain strength both physically and mentally, which will help with your overall sense of well being.” ~In Bed Med Recovery

Check out their website, “Like” them on Facebook, and share their product with those in need!




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Ways to Help a Mom on Crutches Create Thanksgiving Dinner

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches

It’s that time of year!  Time to get the turkey out, thaw it, stuff it, and put it in the
oven.  If you already smell the pies baking in the air, you know it’s almost time for the
big meal.  But wait…mom is on crutches!  Who’s going to do all of the work?  Not her…At least not in the same way as every other year!  Here are a few ways you can help
mom get Thanksgiving meal on the table this year.

Thanksgiving Dinner

1.  Get Instructions
If mom is used to doing it all, she’s still going to want to be in the kitchen.  Find
her a comfy chair and prop her leg up. Then, let her tell you what you need
to do in order to get the meal ready for everyone.  You might learn a few
things and spending time together will be fun as well.

2.  Do it Alone
If you know your way around the kitchen, offer to take over and make the meal
yourself.  You might have to order a few pies from the store or adjust in other
ways, but as long as mom’s recovery stays on track, the rest doesn’t matter.

3.  Ask For Help
Everyone comes to your house for Thanksgiving and they always offer to
bring things.  This year, let them!  You might get just about everything covered,
without having to do anything at all.  Who knows, mom might even enjoy the
change and make it a tradition!

4.  Make Changes
Everyone has an idea in mind when it comes to a meal this big, but that
doesn’t mean it always has to be the same.  If you don’t feel comfortable
making a turkey, grill some chickens.  It might be different, but as long as your
family is together, it’s still Thanksgiving.

5.  Go to a Restaurant
There are plenty of restaurants that offer Thanksgiving meals.  There’s
nothing wrong with going out this year.  You can get a full meal at a decent
price, and the best part is, once you get home, you have nothing to clean up!

6. Get Mobility Options
Sit mom down in front of the computer and bring up Goodbye Crutches.  Have
her look at the iWALKFree Hands Free Crutches, the Seated Scooter, and the
Knee Scooter, and see which she thinks will fit her lifestyle and needs best.
She will find that not only can she do more for the Thanksgiving meal, but
she can get around better during everyday life, as well!

7. Give Thanks
The best way you can help your non-weight bearing mom any day of the
week is to give her your thanks.  Tell her how grateful you are for everything she has done for you over the years.  With that sentiment, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish, together, during her recovery.

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