What Type of Broken Bone Do You Have?

Ouch! So you – or your child – has a broken bone. You are not alone! There were over 7 million broken bones reported last year. Though bones can break in multiple ways, there are 5 common breaks.  What type of broken bone do you have?

CastCoverz Common Bone Breaks

Whichever break you have, you probably are in a cast, boot or sling. You’re on the right blog because this is where CastCoverz!® comes in! We offer a huge variety of fun and functional cast covers for your Armz! or Legz!, Slingz!, braces, waterproof cast covers and accessories (crutches and canes). Keep your cast covered and current in a fashion-forward print or a solid color to match your outfit or mood.

Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz! 

Check out our infographic for more broken bones facts!


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Halloween Cast Covers by CastCoverz!

Halloween is just around the corner, you are injured and thinking, “Boo! What type of Halloween costume can I wear with a cast, boot, or sling?”  Don’t be scared!  Having a daughter who has broken 12 bones – and as the owner of CastCoverz!® – I have lots of ideas for you (or the loved one in your life)!

Halloween costume ideas shared by customers.
For “OMGosh!” inspiration, check out one of our most popular blog posts.  CastCoverz! customers shared fun and clever Halloween costume ideas that incorporate or conceal a cast. See pictures of the costumes and read the blog post here.  I am AMAZED at how ingenious our customers are!

Halloween Cast Covers by CastCoverz!

Conceal the cast with fun and cool fabrics. CastCoverz! cast covers can be worn any time of year but also can be easily incorporated into a Halloween costume. The pictures shown below are available in Legz! (leg cast cover), Bootz! (boot cover), Handz! (hand brace cover or casts with thumb casted) and Tubez! (for arm or leg brace cover or as an undersleeve).

Wicked Webs Cast Cover
Costume idea: Superhero!

CastCoverz! Wicked Webs Cast Cover


Camouflage Cast Cover
Costume idea: Soldier! As seen in Legz! in  Camo Green



Checkerboard Cast Cover
Costume idea: Grand Prix Driver, Chess, Anyone? or a Clown!

CastCoverz! Checkerboard Cast Cover


Cheetah Cast Cover
Costume idea: MEOW! as seen in Bootz! Classic Cheetah. We also have other animal-themed covers: Zebra, Pink Cheetah.



Skulls Cast Cover
Costume idea: Pirate or Just Scary! This print is also perfect for the spirit of Halloween or anytime for a skull-lover!

CastCoverz Skull Cast Cover

Our CastCoverz! are Made-in-the-USA. They stop snagging and scratches and give casts, braces, splints, crutches, and walking boots fashion, function, and FUN!

Feel Better, Heal Better and have a Happy Halloween with CastCoverz!

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How Long Does it Take for my Broken Bone to Heal?

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear at CastCoverz!® is, “How long am I going to be in this thing?” Of course, our customers are talking about their cast, or boot, or crutches, sling or any orthopedic device. So, we thought we’d give you some general guidelines on the time it takes for your broken bone to heal.

Broken bone healing varies from between 4 weeks to 24 weeks, depending on the type of fracture, which bone is broken, your age, medical condition, treatment plan, compliance, and nutrition. As fast as they grow-up, children’s bones generally heal faster than adults! Here is a visual healing timeline for broken bones:

Broken Bone Healing Timeline from CastCoverzIn the meantime, don’t settle for a plain old cast!

We offer cast covers and slings for arms and legs in fun, happy, trendy, and cool patterns. Also available are waterproof cast covers, crutches, canes, and crutch accessories. CastCoverz! cast covers will change your conversations from, “Oh! What happened to you?” to “How cool is that?”.

Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz!

Check out our infographic for more broken bones facts!

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Broken Bones – Common Causes

The three most common causes of broken bones are: trauma, osteoporosis, and overuse / stress. Our “Common Causes of Breaks” graphic below gives you more details:

CastCoverz Common Causes of Broken Bones

CastCoverz!® offers Made-in-the-USA orthopedic soft goods such as cast covers, braces, splints, boots and orthopedic accessories (crutches, waterproof cast covers) and more. CastCoverz! products, including our cast covers, crutch accessories, slings, and more, combine function and fashion. Match your outfit or mood while protecting from scratches, snagging, the elements and dirt!

Shop our cast covers for arms, hands and/or wrists, legs, knees, and ankles.

Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz!

For more broken bone facts, check out our broken bones facts infographic!



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