Put a Spring In Your Step Despite Your Orthopedic Injury

Guest Post by GoodBye Crutches

Spring is on the verge of bursting through the seams of Winter and you can’t enjoy it because you can only bear weight on one foot! Don’t worry, even though the recovery process will still be hard, there are things you can do to put a spring in your step and enjoy the nicer weather, beautiful flowers, and all of the other perks that come along with the new season. Here are just a few things you can do:

-Cover your Cast!

Legz_ClassicCheetah_WO_560__04869.1378873283.165.165The cast on your foot probably already looks old and gloomy, even if you just got it put on last week. In order to brighten up your attitude and your appearance, browse through the variety of CastCoverz! fun and functional orthopedic accessories available and see what fits your style and your wardrobe. You can get something that would go with everything or a few stand-out selections. Welcome this new season with an update to your cast’s appearance.

-Make Your Mobility Easier

If you have been suffering on crutches all Winter long, there’s only one way to go thisGoodbye Crutches Knee Scooter Spring. Choose an alternative to crutches and you will soon find that you can go where you want and do what you want to do. Goodbye Crutches has three options, all of which are easier than crutches. The Hands Free Crutch is a great option for those who want to walk much like normal and retain the use of both hands. The Knee Scooter can help you scoot from place to place even faster than before. And the Seated Scooter allows you to sit and scoot, so you can save your energy for the things you really want to do.

-Get Fresh Air

You’ve likely been cooped up inside all Winter long, nursing your injury, and now that the weather is nicer, it’s time to get out and breathe in the fresh air that Spring brings. It’ll make every part of your day better. Plus, if you have a mobility device from Goodbye Crutches, getting outside is easier and sometimes even downright fun!

-Make Plans

With any luck, your doctor has given you a range of dates for your recovery. You won’t know exactly when you’ll be able to walk on both legs again, but you have an idea. Spend the Spring making plans. Whether you want to plant a garden, go on vacation, or simply take the kids to the zoo over the summer, making plans will help you look toward the future and forget about the pain of the recovery process.

-Eat Right

The best way to give yourself energy during the recovery process, and aid the process along as fast as possible, is to fuel your body with the proper nutrition. You may not always feel like eating healthy meals, but once your body gets used to it, you will notice a definite spring in your step and you will enjoy the extra energy you have to use in the warmer weather.

Sure, you’re still stuck on one leg, but don’t let that ruin this beautiful Spring season. Use these tips to help put a spring in your step…even if you can only step with one leg!


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Have Style and Enjoy Comfort with CastCoverZ!

We LOVE to hear what our customers are saying about our products AND customer service, and we sure do appreciate the time taken to email, share on Facebook, or blog about CastCoverZ! and how our products have comforted orthopedic patients.

Our most recent review was done by one of our customers and fashion blogger, Alison Gary, and was featured on her blog, Wardrobe Oxygen Personal Style by Alison Gary, which provides real-world fashion advice for all women, regardless of age, figure, lifestyle, or budget.

Classic Cheetah Alison GaryIn Alison’s “All the Newness!” post, she shares her personal experience of  breaking her arm and her recovery.  She speaks about CastCoverZ! glowingly, “They’re so much fun and especially nice now that my cast is at the dingy grody stage…CastCoverZ! also sells items to make your healing process more comfortable, crutch accessories, mitts and boots for snow and cold weather, waterproof covers, and this genius item called a CastCooler…it cools and dries your cast and feels aaaahhhh-mazing!”  Our favorite part is, “Best thing about CastCoverZ! is the service – quick shipping and each order comes with a sweet personalized handwritten note.”

To read her review in full and for fabulous fashion advice, check out her blog, Wardrobe Oxygen Personal Style by Alison Gary!  Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverZ!

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Feel Lucky During Your Orthopedic Recovery With These Great Products

Guest Blog Post by Goodbye Crutches

When you trip and fall and injure yourself, you don’t normally feel very lucky. In fact, you probably feel just the opposite. In order to feel a bit more lucky as you go through the recovery process, you may need a few items to help you out. Your orthopedic recovery is all about getting through your day to day life with as much comfort and ease as possible, and when you have these items on your side, you will feel lucky to have discovered them.

Showering Aids
Shower BenchThere’s nothing like a good shower to make you feel better about your situation. But when you are hobbling around on one foot, standing in a slippery shower, and trying to balance, you’re just asking for more bad luck. The good news is there are plenty of shower aids on the market that help you shower safely. The Shower Bench, for example, allows you to sit and enjoy the warm stream of water without having to balance yourself on one leg. And the cast protectors keep your cast covered, so it is protected from the water. A few Grab Bars can help you get in and out of the shower without slipping, too.

Alternatives to Crutches
Knee ScooterIf you really want to feel lucky while you recover from your injury, you should really look into mobility devices that you can use, other than crutches. Goodbye Crutches has three such options and all of them have advantages. The Knee Scooter is a wheeled device that allows you to kneel on a padded area and scoot yourself from place to place. The Seated Scooter works in a similar manner, only you sit and scoot. Both devices even have baskets that attach to the front, so you can carry items along with you wherever you go. And the Hands Free Crutch is a great option that allows you to walk around, much like you did before, while keeping your injury elevated and safely out of the way. You will feel lucky to use any of these three helpful mobility options.

Legz_ClassicCheetah_WO_560__04869.1378873283.165.165When you have a cast on your leg, you might feel like it just screams about the unlucky incident you had when you tripped, fell, or however it was you injured yourself. If you go online and order yourself a few different CastCoverZ! products, you can keep your cast covered up with beautiful, vibrant covers that can either blend in with your outfit or stand out, depending on your preference. You’ll feel fashionable again despite your injured state. And when you are recovering, your state of mind is just as important as your physical comfort.

Helpful People
When you are injured, nothing will make you feel more lucky than a helpful hand at just the right time. You will be amazed by the amount of people who go out of their way to help you. Your family members will likely pitch in more around the house. Your friends might offer to run errands or cook meals for you. Your neighbors might mow the lawn or do other chores for you. And even random strangers might offer to carry things for you or help you in and out of your car. Every time someone lends a hand to you while you recover, that lucky feeling will really kick in.

Though you may not feel lucky about how you injured yourself, there are plenty of helpful items and reasons to feel lucky during the recovery process.

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