Helping Someone Live With an Injury


Throughout our lives many of us may have lived with a sprain or some minor aches and pains. But, having surgery and/or breaking a bone and navigating life with a cast, boot, crutches, etc. is very different.  After my daughter’s 12 breaks, and the tens of thousands of customers we have served, I think it’s safe to say I’m an expert at how to care for an injured person and helping someone live with an injury. Following are my 7 best tips to help you help someone living with an injury. (BTW, regardless of the suggestions, always use common sense and follow your doctor’s advice!) Continue reading

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Activities You Can Do In the Snow While Injured


Have Fun, Stay Warm, and Dry While In a Cast, Boot, Brace, or Sling

With the winter months upon us, there’s always one thing on everybody’s mind… Snow! There are so many activities to enjoy outside in the snow, but what if you’re in a boot or cast, are using crutches, or have your arm in a cast or sling? Well, there’s fun out there for you, too! Here are just a few great activities you can do in the snow while injured… (Regardless of our suggestions, we urge you to use common sense and to always follow your doctor’s advice!) Continue reading

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Cooking While Injured


You’re injured, possibly recovering from surgery, and your only job now is to rest and recover.  Your days are filled with elevating your leg, propping up your arm on pillows, staying on top of your pain medications, having friends and family wait on you, etc.  Then life calls you back to reality.  One of the most pressing get-back-to-life activities is to cook for you and/or your family.  But there are challenges to cooking and baking while recovering from an orthopedic event.  I’ve assembled 15 helpful tips about cooking while wearing a boot, cast, sling or being on crutches. Sift through all the tips to help you with your condition. Hint: my most important tip is the last one and applies to everyone.  Read on kitchen warrior… Continue reading

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How to Shovel Snow When Wearing A Boot, Cast, Brace, or While On Crutches


It’s the time of year where the leaves are changing. There’s a crispness in the air that calls for hot cocoa. Crockpots come out for soups, and turkey dinners will be in order. And snow? Lots of it. During the snowy season, I get one question: How do I shovel snow when wearing a _____ (fill in the blank: boot, cast, brace, or while on crutches)? Here are some tips you need to follow so you can get your snow shoveled safely. Continue reading

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