Why do my hands and armpits hurt while using crutches?

Why do my hands and armpits hurt while using crutches?Being injured is the pits!  (Pun intended.)You have been using crutches for over a week.  You are starting to feel like you can be more active every day, but there is one thing holding you back.  You now have a new pain in a completely different area.  I am talking about the pain under your arms, and in your hands.Soreness comes in two varieties for crutch users:

  1. Tenderness (most of this is the weight pressing on the armpit and/or the palm of the hand).
  2. Abrasion (due to constant friction on parts that aren’t used to it).

To answer your specific question, you’d have to answer which one or are both affecting you? Feelings of frustration are building up because one injury is leading to another.  Don’t worry! Help is on the way.  Here are some great tips to alleviate the pain:

  • Have your doctor or physical therapist check to make sure that the crutches are adjusted right. They should be about 2-3 inches under your armpits, and when you put your arms at your sides, the hand grips should be even with your wrists.
  • Rest! Ice!  Elevate!  We understand you are feeling antsy and trapped.   But, to get better, you need to rest.  The more rest, the faster the healing! Give it the time it needs.  Looking for ideas on keeping your mind busy while you wait?  Click here.
  • Invest in CastCoverz! CrutchWear Comfort and fashion are just a click away!

All of our CrutchWear is padded just right for the ultimate in comfort.  We’ve tested a lot of thicknesses to find the perfect density.  Here’s what we discovered:PrintsCombo__65624.1366341893.1280.1280

You would think super padded would be the ultimate in comfort.  But many of our customers were off-balance and actually some complained that the circulation in their arm was cut-off (artery was pressed closed when resting/balancing/walking on the crutches)!  So back to the drawing board.  Too thin was a waste of (your) money.  Our current padding has satisfied 99.2% of our customers. That’s a super respectable number! :)

CastCoverz! CrutchWear is made out of durable cotton, faux fur or fleece (NO slippery nylon!).   They wash up well, provide the comfort you need, and give you style!  Don’t forget the handy crutch bag, too! All your essentials tucked in roomy bag with loops to affix to your crutch to avoid the annoying bag flop.  

We hope this finds you on the last “leg” of your recovery.  :)

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Winter Safety Tips with Crutches


Nursing an injury during winter poses many risks and challenges. Any other season seems awkward enough getting around on crutches, but add snow and ice into the mix and disaster awaits. Of course, precautions and steps can be made to reduce the dangers and possibility of further injuries (and without becoming a hermit).

Crutches are going to be dangerous no matter what, but here are 5 safety tips to help you handle the winter months on crutches:

  1. Keep Crutches in Good Working Condition

In order to make sure crutches are as stable as possible, you will want them to be in the best possible working order. Even at the slightest show of wear, get new tips. New tips will help prevent sliding on the snow and ice. Since the tips grip the ground, a little wear can cause an accident. You can also purchase ice grip tips to help get even better traction on snow and ice. Also, make sure the crutches are adjusted to fit you perfectly so you can walk upright as comfortably and slowly as possible.

  1. Use Sand or Salt

Keep some sidewalk salt or sand in your car with you at all times. Whenever you have to get out somewhere that looks slippery spread a little sand or salt right outside your car door so you can get your crutches and steady yourself as safely as possible. You will want to keep your driveway and sidewalks salted as well, but when you have no control over the street conditions, keep that salt and sand handy to do the best at keeping yourself safe.

  1. Alternatives to Crutches

No matter how well you do on crutches, they still pose a risk when used in the winter. Perhaps your Doctor has suggested crutch alternatives, like those offered by Goodbye Crutches. Goodbye Crutches has a variety of great devices that can help you get around easier and with more safety. The Seated Scooter, for example, is a wheeled device that allows you to sit and scoot yourself from place to place, while keeping your bad leg elevated and out of the way. You will remain stable at all times in the seated position and you don’t have to worry about slipping at all. The Knee Scooter works much the same way, only you stand and place the knee of your bad leg on the padded area. You have handlebars to keep you stable and a basket to carry your keys and other items. Even The Hands Free Crutch is a better option than crutches. This device attaches to your bad leg and allows you to walk much like normal, while retaining the use of your hands. Having your hands available to balance you is never a bad thing in the winter.

  1. Ask for Help

Independence is important, but when it comes to your safety, sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Ask friends and family members to run some of your errands for you so you don’t have to venture out into the cold, icy weather. When you do go out, try to have someone meet you at your car to help usher you inside safely. Having one injury is bad enough; you don’t want to add another to it.

  1. Think of Comfort

In order to advance your recovery, you need to think of your comfort, as well as your safety. Things like cold toes can not only be uncomfortable and irritating, but also dangerous in colder temperatures.  CastCoverz! Sleeperz! for leg casts (arm casts too!) and  Sleeping Bagz! for boots are made from soft fleece to keep your toes warm and cozy, while protecting your sheets from snags and cooties, too!  Be sure to check out our Bootz!, BootGuardz!, and BootGuardzXtreme! to keep your toes & boots protected from the elements and clean while wearing a walking boot out in snowy and rainy conditions. Think through other comfort levels and research what you can do to fix them during the winter months.

Safety must be a high priority for you while you recover. And while safety should always be in the forefront, winter creates more obstacles to consider (and are often overlooked). Think ahead and use these tips to get yourself to the other side of the season safely, on crutches.

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10 Fun Things to Do While in a Cast, Walking Boot, or on Crutches

Injured Man in deep thoughtsAhhhhh, you are injured and boredom is setting in. You are sitting thinking of all the things you could be doing if you weren’t stuck in this situation. You are feeling trapped and the walls are closing in around you.

Frustrating isn’t it?  It makes you angry and cranky, and is affecting not only you, but those around you as well. You have the itch to do something. ANYTHING.  But what?

Hang in there, help is on the way!  Here is a great list of things to keep you occupied while resting and recovering that will help keep your mind off of the things you can’t do.

  1. Binge watch your favorite movies or a childhood TV series from start to finish
  2. Play board games, start a puzzle, blow bubbles, or bust out the Play-Doh…why not?
  3. Sort through old photos and make scrapbooks for your family and friends
  4. Learn something new, like knitting, juggling, or maybe even a new language
  5. Create a free blog, share your experience AND your road to recovery
  6. Start that bucket list; in fact, make a book with photos to help inspire you
  7. Research your next vacation; big or small, near or far…plan something fun
  8. Color…who doesn’t love to color? It actually releases tension, too! For FUN coloring pictures, click HERE
  9. Create a playlist. Add all your favorite songs and jam out while making it. Cheers you up and gives you something you can use forever!
  10. Have a cast, boot, or crutch decorating party; your friends might just have some fun & creative ideas! Be sure to check out our 3 part Blog series “How to Bling Your Boot, Cast, & Crutches“, too!

Here’s a bonus tip:  Do something old-fashioned.  Write thank you (and catch-up) notes to your friends and family!

We’d love to hear from our readers! Please leave your best family-friendly tips and ideas, below!

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How to Survive the Holidays with an Injured Arm

christmas-bauble-15738_1920The holiday season is here! There are decorations to put up, cookies to bake, gifts to wrap and parties to attend.  Throw in the fact that you only have one good usable arm, and have a huge list of things to do.  The end result?  You find yourself feeling STRESSED.   But what can you do?  Your injury isn’t going to magically heal overnight and to-do lists don’t complete themselves.

Here are four tips to help ease your panic of having an injury of how to survive the holidays with an injured arm.

Tip #1: Don’t do it Alone

Help is all around, just ask for it!  Do you have children at home, a neighborhood friend, or a niece/nephew?   Kids LOVE to help make cookies, decorate, and wrap presents.  Not only will you get added quality time, but you will be able to brag to family and friends that you had a special little elf’s assistance this year.  They will be proud to have helped.

No littles around?  Have family and friend assist instead.  No task is too small to ask for help with. When friends, family, or church members offer help; take them up on the offer.

In a pinch?  Use bags to wrap your gifts and skip the baking.  Do you really need to have all your decorations out this year?  Your family and friends will understand your limitations and will be accepting of this.  This leads us on to our next tip.

Tip #2: Know Your Limits

You may want to try to do everything you normally do, but you need to know your limits to avoid further injury and to get the rest you need heal.

Need to go shopping?  You are going to need someone to carry your gifts, assist you with transportation, even tying your shoes to go out.  Try online shopping this year to avoid the shopping malls and crowds.

Doing this with one arm is tough though right?  Try snuggling up with a loved one next to a computer.  Have them take over control of the keyboard while you sit back and work your way through that shopping list.

Cleaning to do before your guests arrive?  Take your time when doing chores around the house and do not over do it. Check out our blog on HOW TO DO HOUSEHOLD CHORES WHILE INJURED for more great tips on this topic.

Cut back on the cooking. Be realistic.  Do you really need to make 3 different types of fudge and 7 kinds of cookies this year?  Your main priority right now is taking care of you.  We suggest teaching someone your favorite recipe (what fun!) or let others bring you the sweets and treats.  Have a recipe no one else can master?  Take a look at our post on COOKING WHILE INJURED to help you on your way.

Tip #3: Relax

Remember that you do not have to and at this point cannot do it all. It is important that you get some rest, especially if you are having difficulty sleeping at night. Even if it just relaxing on the couch watching your favorite Christmas movie, it is so important to your healing process.

Tip #4: Enjoy Time with Family and Friends

blingblackYou will still want to enjoy time with family and friends and don’t let the cold weather and your injured arm stop you from holiday activities.  Have parties to go to where you’ll want to hide that unsightly cast? Black and sparkly, Armz! in Bling it on Black (shown here in Long and Short versions) or any of our other blingy selections will change the conversation from, “What happened to you?” to “How Cool is that?!” Check out our CastCoverz! Armz! our flagship product that will protect your clothes, furniture, and skin from snags and scratches, plus it will keep your cast clean. Going outside and want to keep your cast dry and your hand warm?  Try Mittz! Cozy and Mittz! Dry.

Looking for more helpful hints on how to enjoy the holiday season while you heal?  Check out Activities You Can Do In the Snow While Injured,  and How to Shovel Snow When Wearing A Boot, Cast, Brace, or While On Crutches, With these tips, you will not only survive holiday season, but also enjoy it. From all of us at CastCoverz! we are wishing you and yours an amazing holiday season! 


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