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How To Care For Your Boot During Your Trip To The Beach

How to Care for Your Boot During Your Trip to the Beach

Summer days are for making beach memories with our family and friends. If you’re wearing an orthopedic walking boot, you might be wondering how you will be comfortable, make the most of your beach trip, and enjoy the sun and sand without winding up hot, itchy, and with a lot of sand in that big boot, post-op shoe, “ Jesus Sandal”, fracture cast or walking cast or …. :).

There’s no need to cancel your beach holiday just because you, your friend, or a family member wears a boot. A few practical tips and one or two FUNctional accessories are all you need to have an enjoyable, comfortable trip to the seaside.

When it comes to keeping sand and other beach debris out of your boot, the solution is simple: Purchase a leg cast cover to cover your leg and toes from CastCoverz! then slide on your boot. Our Legz! products will keep most sand out of your toes. Legz! is a woven product so a little bit of sand could still wiggle through. If you have a leg cast, please read this article.


You can also purchase one of our Bootz! or BootGuardzXtreme! products. They are designed to cover orthopedic walking boots leaving the sole exposed for your safety (custom products are available for post-op shoes and “Jesus Sandals,” too). The Bootz! Is our daily wear product designed to cover the boot and to prevent velcro straps from catching and snagging everything–including blowing sand. Bootz! is available in solids and a variety of prints. Our Bootz! are designed to stretch around the perimeter of the edge of your boot leaving the sole exposed for your safety.  PLEASE NOTE: Walking on “soft” sand tends to roll your foot. You are already compromised due to your injury and your gait is uneven due to the boot. Please be careful while in a boot. In addition, the sand could “push” against the side of the boot popping up your daily wear Bootz! so be sure to use and adhere the included repositionable adhesive strips that anchor it to the sides of your boot. FYI…“Hard-packed” sand doesn’t roll the foot.


Our other product for orthopedic walking boots is our BootGuardzXtreme!. This is our sturdy, durable, back entry WEATHERproof product made for snow, rain, and some cases, sand. Made of a durable Denier©, think backpack material, your BootGuardzXtreme! is the ultimate in boot protection leaving the sole of your boot exposed for your safety.

Another option can be a simple item you can buy at the grocery store: Glad® Press‘n Seal®. To keep sand out of your toes while in a boot, wrap your leg with Press’n Seal and then put on your boot. If you have a shank to your boot (goes up your leg vs a post-op shoe / Jesus Sandal) you can cover it with a layer of Press ‘n Seal to prevent most sand from “sticking” to the velcro straps and padding. Note: depending on weather conditions and the length of time used this option is not necessarily reusable.  CAUTION: FOR YOUR SAFETY never cover the sole/bottom of a boot with any product. Why? 2 reasons: #1 You could trip and re-injure yourself. #2 Material(s) is/are shredded when walked on.  Think playing basketball in/on your driveway with only socks on. 🙂

WORD OF CAUTION: DO NOT SWIM WITH AN ORTHOPEDIC BOOT. There are no waterproof products to seal a boot. And CastCoverz! wouldn’t sell them if they were available. Why? 3 very good reasons:

  1. The waterproof product would have to stretch around the diagonal circumference of your heel over the top of your boot and then “shrink” to seal around your skin above the boot. No waterproof material has that capability.
  2. FOR YOUR SAFETY: If something happened (a small tear/rip) it would fill with water and make this a drowning risk.
  3. FOR YOUR SAFETY: Do not cover the bottom of the sole of your boot/sandal as it could be a tripping hazard. And the material(s) is/are shredded by a boot when walked on.

If you are experiencing hip, knee or back pain since walking with a boot, combined with a tennis shoe, EvenUp© provides immediate relief! Many of our customers (and doctors) report physical therapy is often needed to correct the misalignment you may experience. So contact your doctor if the pain does not subside.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 1(800) CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268) for assistance.

Your beach holiday should be about relaxing and enjoying time with your family and friends, not about stressing over how to keep a cast or walking boot dry and sand-free. CastCoverz! offers a huge range of FUNctional, for the orthopedic patient, cast or boot. Explore these and other products to make your trip to the beach as comfortable as possible.


How to Keep Sand Out of Your Cast and Walking Boot

Do your summer plans include going to the beach, but you’re wondering how you’ll keep the sand out of your cast or orthopedic walking boot? We have some solutions for you!  CastCoverz! offers FUNctional products for comfort and care while casted, bandaged, braced, in a boot, or on crutches.

Here are a few tips from CastCoverz! to help keep the sand out of your cast or walking boot:

1.  DryPro –  lets you enjoy swimming at the pool, beach, or lake without the fear of getting your cast wet AND keeps the sand out (available for both arms and legs.) SAFETY ALERT: NOT TO BE USED WITH AN ORTHOPEDIC BOOT!!

2.  Slickerz! – For your leg cast or bandages, cover it with a CastCoverz! innovation, Slickerz!  Slickerz! is a weatherproof protective cover made in-the-USA which keeps 97% of the sand granules out. *Not a waterproof or an immersion-in-water product.

3.  Glad® Press‘n Seal® for your boot or your cast – Press’n Seal seals tight on a variety of surfaces, including skin! Just wrap Press’n Seal around a cast (make sure to overlap so 1″ or 2″ of your skin provides the seal). It will keep you dry for light water activities (splash and plays, sprinklers, etc…) and will keep sand out, too! To keep sand out of your toes while in a boot, wrap your leg with Press’n Seal and then put your boot on. Sand will still collect on the boot, but at least your toes will be sand free! 🙂 CAUTION: FOR YOUR SAFETY never cover the bottom of a boot with any product.

4. BootGuardzXtreme to keep out sand- While many of our customers utilize this innovative product for severe weather conditions (such as rain or snow!), BootGuardzXtreme serves a double purpose! Engineered to stretch around side edge of boot, this cover is perfect for keeping sand OUT of your walking boot; however, it is designed with an open bottom exposing the tread for safety. This product is not waterproof, although the material is water resistant if exposed to moisture. Fits most high and low orthotic walking boots such as DonJoy™, Aircast®, Össur®, Darco®, DeRoyal®, etc. Please check sizing chart for accuracy before ordering! If you’re unsure whether or not this would be a good solution for your next beach trip- don’t hesitate to call us for more info!

5.  Mittz! – Keep sand out of hand casts, braces and splints with Mittz!, our made-in-the-USA impervious to sand and dirt cover. Because it is a seamed product, it is not for immersion in water.

CastCoverz! provides fun, function-able, and fashionable covers for casts, braces, splints, boots, slings, crutches and so much more! These covers will help keep your cast clean and snag-free from items such as your clothing, furniture, and other people! CastCoverz! fabric cast covers are for daily wear (not for sand or water because fabric is a weaved product allowing sand granules/water to seep in).

A Cover for Every Occassion

Don’t let being in a cast or walking boot spoil your summer vacation plans! If you have any questions about our tips or our products, please do not hesitate calling us at 1-800-CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268).

Go ahead and enjoy the beach!

summertime broken bone advice

Summertime Broken Bone Advice

In our press release, Cast Covers Expert Gives Summertime Broken Bone Advice, owner & founder of CastCoverz!, Annette Giacomazzi, has plenty of helpful advice for parents searching for ways to keep their children break-free, and if wearing a cast, still active and having fun this summer!  Tips such as pay attention, play safe, and keep hydrated are just a few of Annette’s helpful tips.  Read more HERE.

Summer vacation includes many activities centered on the beach or in a swimming pool.  If dealing with a cast this summer, no worries, DryPro waterproof cast protector will help save the summer!  DryPro offers watertight protection, keeping casts (or bandages) completely DRY!

Staying break-free is ideal, of course, but if an accident happens, CastCoverz! has the doctor-approved, patient-requested solutions for summertime broken bones for children and adults alike.  You can find our functional and fashionable orthopedic soft-good products, that help one stay active with a cast here: CastCoverz! online store.  Have a great summer!

Playground Safety: It Can Make or Break Your Summer Fun!

With the weather heating up, the excitement of summer vacation becomes evident in schools & daycares everywhere! Staying safe for summer continues to be a top priority, especially when statistics show playground injuries escalate in the month prior to and after summer! It seems that the anticipation of summer or returning to school increases the odds of accidental injury occurring during playtime. In fact: 

*  40% of all injuries occur at the beginning and the end of every school year   

*  70% occur on public playgrounds

*  70% of those injuries are severe and involve falls to the surface?

*  that severe injury includes concussions, stitches, fractures and even worse?

CRAZY, right?! Who knew the changing of seasons could have such a large impact on the number of childhood injuries, especially in a playground setting.   Perhaps it’s the influx of excitement or the increased time playing outside in sunny weather; there are many common factors that attribute to the increase in injuries. However, in many cases, these startling accidents can be prevented.  Here are a few simple tips to ensure that your little ones stay safe for summer:

Playground Safety

  1. Responsible Supervision – Close supervision by a responsible adult may be the most important factor in preventing injury. Adults should keep a watchful eye on children while they are at play to help prevent accidents or even playground scuffles that can lead to an accident.
  2. Age-Appropriate Areas – When visiting a playground, look around to make sure it has a separate, age-appropriate area for children 5 and under. This will prevent little ones from getting injuries from accidents or collisions with older children.
  3. Avoid Hazards – Being aware includes looking for hazards, such as broken playground equipment and dangerous surfaces. In addition, make sure the grounds are as free of any debris (i.e. litter, glass) as much as possible. This can help prevent children from tripping and falling to the ground or causing other injuries like cuts.
  4. Impact Absorbing Surfaces – There are surfaces specifically designed to help absorb impact in case of an accident. These are the best surfaces for children to play on. Look for playgrounds that have rubber mats or shredded rubber, artificial turf, or even mulch. There are a variety of substances, but the point is to avoid having children at play on non-impact absorbing surfaces, such as concrete or gravel.
  5. Check Clothing – During the fall and winter months, we often dress our children in layers. This could include hoodies, sweatshirts, or other items that have drawstrings around the neck. To help avoid having children getting these strings caught on playground equipment, parents should remove hood and neck drawstrings from outerwear.
  6. Remove Bike Helmets – Sometimes parents feel it’s best for children to play while wearing bike helmets to protect their heads in case of an accidental fall. This actually could impede your child’s play for numerous reasons and lead to serious injury. Therefore, it is recommended that bike helmets be removed before children use playground equipment.
  7. Encourage Proper Behavior – One of the best ways to prevent playground injuries is to teach children proper playground behavior (such as no pushing, shoving, or crowding). Teaching children how to play properly and be respectful of others on playground equipment can help prevent many injuries and scuffles that could lead to injury.

Being safe is the farthest thing from a child’s mind.  It is the parents’, educators’, and playground supervisors’ job to alert our children about the potential dangers of school playgrounds. It all starts with these few tips. To help ensure that your child’s teacher and care-providers are informed, use this handy tip sheet provided by Safe Kids Worldwide.

For additional tips on the prevention of broken bones and other “Feel Better, Heal Better” topics, spend a little time on our blog.

Already Injured? We’ve Got You Covered

Maybe you’ve stumbled across our website because your child has already experienced misfortune on the playground!  As you can imagine, a child in any type of cast or orthopedic device faces a number of discomforts; casts scratching on skin or Fido, snagging clothing or furniture, not being able to play in water without waterproof protection boots getting dirty from constant wear & tear? CastCoverz! offers a number of colorful solutions to brighten your child’s injury, helping your little one feel better & heal better.