Water Fun and Summer Relief (Even in a Cast)!

Tis’ the season for all things FUN in the SUN!… and for most of us that means enjoying the WATER! But what happens when you find yourself stuck in a cast at the peak of the summer season?! At CastCoverz! we have items to help you, or your loved one, get through the summer with a cast (or a splint or a PICC line or a bandage) and still have a blast!

Likewise, if you’re going to the beach and have a cast or an orthopedic walking boot (also known as a fracture boot or walking cast) check out our post, How To Keep Sand Out of Your Cast and Walking Boot. 

Read on for waterproof cast fun and relief from hot, itchy and smelly casts:

Waterproof Cast Covers for Arm and Leg Casts 

Waterproof Cast Cover at CastCoverz!

Waterproof cast covers keep summer fun!

CastCoverz! is proud to partner with AquaShieldUSA – the oldest manufacturer of cast waterproof products in the United States. AquaShieldUSA waterproof cast covers keeps bandages, casts, splints, PICC line, and prostheses dry from showering/bathing, even swimming. Even so, it is easy to take on and take off, there is no pump, it is latex-free and reusable.

Want to order a waterproof cast cover for your arm or leg cast?
Sizing is very specific. Please refer to our website and videos to obtain correct sizing information (click on links below to be taken to the correct page). 

Waterproof Cast Covers for arms and legs are available for children and adults. 

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CastCooler® for Relief from Itchy Casts

CastCooler Relief for Itchy CastsNo one likes an itchy, hot cast. Unfortunately, those are common side effects of wearing a cast, whether it be summer or middle of winter.  CastCooler® to the rescue!

CastCooler® is designed to concentrate cooling and drying on moist areas under your cast. It will:

  • Cool your cast
  • Reduce odor and itch
  • Freshen your cast
  • Speed dry your cast

CastCooler® fits SPICA casts, breathable fiberglass casts, braces, and splints. It does not work on plaster casts (sorry!). One size fits all!

Click here to learn more about CastCooler® 

At CastCoverz! we know that being in a cast may not be fun, but it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, itchy, smelly or stop you from running through the sprinklers! Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverz!

2 thoughts on “Water Fun and Summer Relief (Even in a Cast)!

  1. Evelyn Baker

    Do you have a colorful waterproof hand cast cover? I need one for my 14 year old daughter

    1. CastCoverz! Post author

      Hi, Evelyn!
      First of all we’re sorry your daughter is in need of CastCoverz! products. But, we’re delighted to help you.
      Currently, WATERproof cast covers are made out of plastic or rubber and that typically means they come in white, clear-ish, or blue.
      In addition, designs are difficult to print on polypropylene and wear off fast due to the cholorine in pools or the salt in oceans.
      FYI…we’ve seen a few and if we thought they were a quality product we’d sell them. ‘nough said. 🙂
      However, our daily wear products, for example, Armz! or Legz! etc…are colorful and can be worn under the WATERproof cast cover.
      The design is obvious enough under the clear-ish material (we sell that type!) that people often ask,
      “Hey, what’s that?” changing the conversation from “Hey, what happened to you?” 🙂
      (it also makes sliding a WATERproof protector on that much easier!).

      I hope this is helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions:
      1(800)CASTCOVER (1-800-227-8268) or email cs@castcoverz.com


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