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“CastCoverz! Changed My Life” ~Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa

Joaquin Consuelos

Joaquin Consuelos, Kelly Ripa’s son, had surgery at the Hospital for Special Surgery on his broken finger. CastCoverz! sent a care package for Joaquin to Kelly’s show LIVE! with Kelly and Michael.  He received the CastShield, a waterproof cast cover for bathing/showering, a custom Armz! cast cover in “Wicked Webs”, and a Slingz! arm sling in “The Hand Bone’s Connected to…” just in time for Halloween!

 “CastCoverz! changed my life” ~Kelly Ripa 

Waterproof product CastShield was a hit!  She loves it so much, she even made a quick video about it!  Personally, we love the clapping in the background! Woo-Hoo!  Check out the video here: http://www.tout.com/m/px04h6?ref=twxz8krw   

“Thanks CastCoverz! for Joaquin’s cast cover!” 

Keeping Our Children Safe and Break Free

As back-to-school time is arriving, keeping our children safe during summer activities, especially avoiding broken bones is at the top of any parent’s list.  Annette d. Giacomazzi, Founder and Owner of CastCoverz!, is an expert when it comes to broken bones (and avoiding them!)  She has provided some helpful advice on how to keep kids break-free, in their latest press release “Help the Kids Stay Break-Free This Summer.”

Did you know thousands of children are treated for playground related injuries each year?  The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons considers these numbers alarming enough to provide the following playground safety tips, in their press release “How Safe is Your Child’s Playground?

CastCoverz! provides functional and fashionable products designed to cover casts, orthotic walking boots, splints and braces, and companion products; such as CastCooler, DryPro, and CastShield, to bring relief and comfort to orthopedic patients.

Annette d. Giacomazzi and CastCoverz!

In addition to keeping our kids safe during summer activities and on playgrounds specifically, going to and from school and staying safe while at school are just as important!  School is where children spend the majority of their time, outside of their own home; thus, the National Crime Prevention Council has provided some advice for parents on making sure their kids stay safe at school and while traveling to and from, in “What Parents Can Do to Keep Kids Safe at School.”

As a parent, we all strive to keep our children as safe as possible.  With resources available to us, like those above, keeping our children safe is a very attainable goal!