Activities You Can Do In the Snow While Injured

With the winter months upon us, there’s always one thing on everybody’s mind… Snow! There are so many activities to enjoy outside in the snow, but what if you’re in a boot or cast, are using crutches, or have your arm in a cast or sling? Well, there’s fun out there for you, too! Here are just a few great activities you can do in the snow while injured… (Regardless of our suggestions, we urge you to use common sense and to always follow your doctor’s advice!)

  1. Building a snowman – Get your family and friends outside together and build a snow man! Have someone set a chair out for you and have fun doing an activity that doesn’t put stress on your injury and is safe for the whole family.
  1. Snow Angels – One thing always advised with an injury is to lie down and rest. Why not lie in the snow and have some fun by making snow angels! Make sure you ask for assistance to get down and back up. Worried about how you’re going to keep your cast and toes warm and dry? Try Slickerz! our weatherproof product intended to keep snow and rain off your leg cast and exposed toes. Pair that with our Sleeperz! and you’ve got a toasty, dry solution!
  1. Snowball Fights – Plant a chair behind a tree, bush, or snowman and have yourself a fun, and safe, snowball fight with the family or with your pals! Snow creeping up your sleeves is still a worry, even while casted. Our Mittz! Dry is our weatherproof product intended to keep snow and rain off your arm cast or brace and exposed fingers. Pair that with our Mittz! Cozy and you’ve got the perfect cold-weather solution! Always make sure to use snow free of ice so that no one gets hurt, and make sure it doesn’t turn into bullying. Oh, and if you’re in a sling, you’ll have to pass on the snowball fight this season.
  1. Get Pulled on a Sled –Why not sit back, relax, and enjoy the scenery while others do all the work? Make sure that you are sitting upright, facing forward in the sled. And, notice I said being pulled in the sled and not sledding? Note of extreme caution: do not sled with saucers and other flat or grooved surface sleds while injured. The risk is too great for further injury. Besides, how are you going to climb back up the hill?
  1. Snowshoeing, Cross Country Skiing, Skiing, Skating – While we do not recommend doing any of these while injured, you can turn this lemon into….hot chocolate! We love Carole C., a customer from Vermont, who had some great suggestions about how she still participated in her family’s winter vacation, even while in a boot and on a scooter. “I got some of the best pictures last winter even though I was in a cast boot due to a fracture in my foot. My mind was active, thinking of fun scenarios and I captured the spontaneous shots, too. Of course, I safely took all of these off the snow-scraped deck of the chalet. An added bonus when I wasn’t taking pictures was watching for and scoring the coveted “table by the fireplace.” But, the best part? You know how kids come in and out from the cold, all the time? I played board games with my grandchildren until they warmed up and went back outside, again. Priceless.”

Snow play can be for everyone, even if you have an injury. It may require some adjustments and creativity, like Carol did (BTW, she wore BootGuardzXtreme! with the optional toasty liner to protect her boot, leg and exposed toes from cold winds and blustery snow all while looking great as her family’s ski chalet host). Always remember, no matter what activity you may decide to participate in, always play it safe. Remember to dress appropriate for the temperatures outside, and never assume a patch of snow isn’t slick or icy – so be cautious. Ask for help when you need it, and don’t hesitate to stop when you feel tired or that you can’t safely participate.

Enjoy the moments you can, and allow yourself to have fun; this won’t last forever!

Feel Better, Heal Better

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