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Cast Shoe? Cast Boot? What’s in a Name?

CollageAre you wearing one of these orthopedic contraptions?  What’s it called, anyway?  This type of orthopedic device is most commonly known as a post-op shoe, but doctors, and patients alike, call it many different names; such as, cast shoe, Jesus sandal, wound-care shoe, cast sandal, cast boot, and orthopedic shoe.  Who knew one device could have so many names!

The use of a post-op (postoperative) shoe after surgery, trauma, or wound-care treatment at home helps speed up recovery by easing pain and actually aids in the healing process. These types of cast shoes not only provide stability and reduce the risk of slipping, they minimize the pressure on wounds for faster healing, while helping maintain mobility.

Whether you’re in a walking cast or bandage and you’ve been told you have to wear a post-op shoe or an AFO (ankle foot orthosis, which supports the ankle and foot by maintaining proper alignment and controlling motion,) CastCoverz! can cover your orthopedic accessory and keep your foot dry and warm with a custom BootGuardzXtreme! (for extreme weather) orthopedic cover.  If you’re looking to simply cover your leg cast and toes, check out CastCoverz! Legz!

What Size Evenup™ Orthopedic Shoe Balancer Should I Buy?

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Guest Blog Post by Evenup™

Are you walking with an orthopedic walking boot or wearing a post-op shoe? The Evenup™ Orthopedic Shoe Balancer was developed by foot and ankle specialists that saw the need for a simple, effective way to help patients suffering from hip and back pain, while recovering from an injury or surgery in an orthopedic boot or wound healing shoe.

evenup-descriptionThe Evenup, available at CastCoverz!,  comes in 3 sizes S-M-L and sometimes it can be a bit confusing as to what size will work best for you. Evenup recommends measuring your shoe to determine your size because shoes can vary so much in length. For example, a size 8 shoe can be anywhere from 9 ½” to 11” depending on the type and design of the shoe. We understand that measuring a shoe end to end can be tricky, especially if you are using a hard ruler rather than a measuring tape. For that reason, we have a guideline that can be used when measuring is not convenient or an option at the time. See the chart below:

Shoe Size             Evenup Size      Shoe Measurment

6 ½ to 8 ½                SMALL                  10” to 11 ¼”

9 to 11                     MEDIUM                11 ½” to 12 ¾”

11 ½ to 14                LARGE                  13” to  14 1/2”

Occasionally, customers have told us that the sentence, “It is generally best to choose an Evenup a little too small rather than a little too big”, is confusing for them. If your shoe falls within one of the measurements, such as 10” to 11 ¼”, then you are definitely that size. We have had customers say, my shoe measures 11 ½”, should I go with the Small since it says to go with a smaller size? The answer to this is no, your shoe measures within the Medium size, therefore you would definitely be a Medium. It is when your shoe measures more than 11 ¼” but less than 11 ½” that we suggest going to the smaller size, rather than the larger. Please note: The Evenup is recommended for use with laced oxford shoes or sneakers.


We make every effort to ensure you are getting the right size for you and your shoe, but should you determine you require a different size, we are happy to exchange it for you!