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Cast Shoe? Cast Boot? What’s in a Name?

CollageAre you wearing one of these orthopedic contraptions?  What’s it called, anyway?  This type of orthopedic device is most commonly known as a post-op shoe, but doctors, and patients alike, call it many different names; such as, cast shoe, Jesus sandal, wound-care shoe, cast sandal, cast boot, and orthopedic shoe.  Who knew one device could have so many names!

The use of a post-op (postoperative) shoe after surgery, trauma, or wound-care treatment at home helps speed up recovery by easing pain and actually aids in the healing process. These types of cast shoes not only provide stability and reduce the risk of slipping, they minimize the pressure on wounds for faster healing, while helping maintain mobility.

Whether you’re in a walking cast or bandage and you’ve been told you have to wear a post-op shoe or an AFO (ankle foot orthosis, which supports the ankle and foot by maintaining proper alignment and controlling motion,) CastCoverz! can cover your orthopedic accessory and keep your foot dry and warm with a custom BootGuardzXtreme! (for extreme weather) orthopedic cover.  If you’re looking to simply cover your leg cast and toes, check out CastCoverz! Legz!