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If you had told me 10 years ago that I would be the owner of an online business that sold fun and fancy cast covers and accessories, I probably would’ve fainted. But here I am, almost 8 years after sewing my first cast cover for my daughter’s 6th broken bone, and running an ecommerce business that I love. I also love how CastCoverz! has allowed me to connect with so many wonderful people! The connections – both business and friendships – due to the power of the web have been my bonus gift as a mompreneur.

One of the wonderful connections I made recently was with Cindy Simmons, a fellow Mompreneur who runs the amazing, funny, introspective, truth-telling website Surviving Mommy. We were introduced by a mutual friend who thought that we had a lot in common. Cindy and I are both women who run our business on the web (her web “business” is about chronicling life as a wife and mom and so much more), we are both moms, and we are both breast cancer survivors. Needless to say, we clicked (pun intended)! When I read Cindy’s blog, I feel like I’m right there with her in whatever experience she is sharing. This is why I wanted to share her Surviving Mommy witty wisdom with all of you. Many of my customers are moms and I think you will find her completely relatable.

Cindy Simmons of Surviving Mommy with Minnie Dot Crutchwear

Cindy Simmons of Surviving Mommy with Minnie Dot Crutchwear

Cindy and I connected even more when she recently broke her foot! She has never had a broken bone before! Poor lady! On her blog, she chronicles her experiences thus far on life with a broken foot and managing stairs, a wheel chair, crutches, going to Disneyworld (yeah! She’s unstoppable) and driving (or lack of!).

Here’s Cindy with Crutchwear in Minnie Dots (she and her family are HUGE Disney fans, these were a hit at Magic Kingdom!).

As she heals, I look forward to reading more about her life experiences and I encourage you to keep up with Cindy too! After all, we are all surviving mommies in one way or another.

Catch up with Cindy Simmons on her Surviving Mommy website.

2 thoughts on “CastCoverz Customer – Cindy Simmons of Surviving Mommy

  1. Cindy Simmons

    Love, love, love your heart and appreciate you, your kindness and generosity. You have built a wonderful company and I am so proud to be associated with CastCoverz!!! Thank you Annette! 🙂

    1. CastCoverz! Post author

      Thank you for the kind words! Amazing how we met just weeks before your very unique injury (breaking your leg going UP the stairs!). I am SO glad we could provide you the right items at the right time and make your healing just a bit easier to endure (and WAY more fun)!
      Big Hugz! <3


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