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Baby It’s Cold Outside, Winter-Proof Your Cast, Brace, or Walking Boot

Baby, it’s COLD outside!  Winter-proof your cast, brace, or orthopedic walking boot with CastCoverZ! Sleeperz!, Tubez!, and Sleeping Bagz!

Sleeperz! cast covers, for arms and legs, are made of oh-so-soft fleece to keep your arms, legs, and toes cozy and warm!  Not only do these covers help you stay warm and snuggly, they also eliminate the scratches received from casts rubbing against other body parts, sheets, furniture, and your loved ones too!  Yes, Sleeperz! cast covers help provide a restful night’s sleep, which has been proven to aid healing, but they are not just for sleeping!  Sleeperz! are the perfect accessory for any time of the day, especially during this COLD winter season.

Tubez! are our brace covers for arms and legs, which also come in oh-so-soft fleece.  Tubez! are so versatile, they can be used as a cover for tattoos, PICC-lines, braces, or as an under sleeve!

How about keeping your toes warm if you have to wear your walking boot to bed?  Sleeping Bagz!, in comfy-cozy fleece or simple solids, not only keep your toes warm, they also protect your sheets, and keep the cooties on the bottom of your boot, in the bag!

We know your pain, inconvenience, and frustration while wearing a cast, brace, or walking boot!  Keep warm with CastCoverZ! products this holiday and winter season.  We’re here to provide comfort and help you feel better, so you heal better!


Think Pink and Support Breast Cancer Awareness

CastCoverZ! has gone PINK!

In support of all those who are fighting the fight and those fighting to find a cure, CastCoverZ! will be donating 10% of the net proceeds for the entire month of October to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure fund.  Annette d. Giacomazzi, our founder, launched CastCoverz! the same year she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  She is definitely a survivor and a thriver!

Bubblegum Pink crutches with “Hearts to You” Crutchwear

“Ribbons of Love”

To honor our Breast Cancer warriors, check out our oh-so-soft “Ribbons of Love” fleece fabric available in Sleeperz! covers for leg and arm casts, and Sleeping Bagz! for orthopedic walking boots.  We can’t “Go Pink!” without mentioning our best-selling Bubblegum Pink designer color crutches, too!   In fact, we have many pink functional and fashionable cast, splint, brace, and orthopedic walking boot cover fabrics, such as Zebra Diva, Cheetah Girl, Tres Chic and many more!  Join the fight today!  Go Pink! and support Breast Cancer Awareness!