Cast Covers Saved the Day

Breaking a bone is certainly no fun, especially during summertime!  Harlisha Homer, a mom and blogger for Macaroni Kid, is not a fan of broken bones, but quickly became a fan of CastCoverz!, when her youngest son broke two bones on a swing this past June, during a family reunion.  She wrote a thoughtful review titled “A Broken Bone, and How CastCoverz! Saved the Day“, which you can read in it’s entirety on the Macaroni Kid-SW Houston-Missouri City Blog.

Her poor son was traumatized and Harlisha, bless her heart, tried everything she could to make him comfortable enough to get some sleep, which was not an easy challenge!

Sleeperz! in “Trucks, Cars, Buses”

Enter CastCoverz! Sleeperz!, the oh-so-soft and cozy cast cover, which came to the rescue and helped her boy sleep through the night from that night forward…AHH!  Harlisha highly recommends CastCoverz! products to help make an uncomfortable situation that much more bearable.  As we say here at CastCoverz!, Feel Better, Heal Better!

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