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Keep Your Orthopedic Boot or Cast and Toes Warm and Dry This Winter


BootGuardz! in "Queen Anne"

BootGuardz! in “Queen Anne”

Now that the breezes have turned chilly and cold weather is upon us, don’t get caught with your walking boot “knee-deep” in the slush or snow! CastCoverZ! BootGuardz! are weatherproof, water-resistant covers for your orthopedic walking boot, protecting your boot, boot liner, and toes from the rain, snow, and slush. We also offer an optional Toasty Liner made from super soft, washable sherpa to protect your toes and leg from the cold. Drawstring closure and tread (sole) of the boot is left exposed for proper footing and safety. And…for a limited time, get 2 FREE Booties with every BootGuardz! purchase. The bootie protects your floors from winter grime, slush, and mud. Reusable and disposable.

FUN FACT:  Just in case you’re heading on a beach vacation this holiday season, CastCoverZ! BootGuardz! also prevent sand from getting in and on your boot!

If you’re wearing a leg cast, slip on one of our Slickerz! before you go out into the storm. Think of it as a pull on rain boot! Our full-foot, closed toe design, and weatherproof fabric will keep your leg cast and toes clean and dry! Not for immersion in water, though. The drawstring cord gives an added measure of security from rain and snow going down your leg or cast.

At CastCoverZ!, we have many fabrics to choose from, along with a total of 18 branded product lines. No matter what the orthopedic event, we’ve got you covered!

Care Instructions for Your Walking Boot and Arm or Leg Cast Covers


You’ve been wearing your Bootz! walking boot cover, Armz!, or Legz! cast covers and it’s time to freshen them up. Caring for your CastCoverZ! products is simple to do! Our boot, brace, splint, and cast covers are made of Lycra®/spandex (think bathing suit material) or fleece.

Here are your best care instructions, whether you prefer to wash by hand or use your washing machine:

  • Hand wash in cold
  • Drip dry
  • In your machine, use the delicate cycle on cold
  • Tumble dry with low heat

Interesting tidbit: You may notice snagging on the inside of your cover, this is from your rough casting material. Just imagine what your clothes and furniture may look like without your cast cover!

Care instructions vary slightly for CrutchWear® crutch covers or crutch pads and Slingz! arm slings:

  • CrutchWear: Spot clean by hand with cold water, drip dry
  • Slingz!: Hand wash with cold water (please remove faux-fur tube first), drip dry

No matter what your orthopedic event is, we’ve got you covered with CastCoverZ! functional AND fashionable 20 branded product lines. Feel Better, Heal Better!


How to Put Your BootGuardz! Orthotic Walking Boot Cover On

Part 1 of our “How to” Series:

Here are 3 easy steps to put on your CastCoverZ! BootGuardz! cover, which is designed to protect your orthopedic walking boot, boot liner, and toes from the rain & snow (should you be able to take boot off and on.) For those of you who must wear your boot 24/7, you can always release the drawstring cord and easily slide your cover on and off.

STEP 1:  Slide BootGuardz! On

Slide on BootGuardz! (tie at the top) before putting on your orthotic walking boot.


STEP 2:  Put On Your Walking Boot
Put on your orthotic walking boot, as you normally would, making sure all straps are secure.


STEP 3:  Cover That Boot
Once your orthotic walking boot is securely in place, slide BootGuardz! down over your boot. Pull the bottom portion down so that BootGuardz! covers your boot to the very bottom, while leaving the tread exposed. Then tie the string at the top to keep your cover in place.


BootGuardz! include sewn-in hook and loop fastening tape for optional custom fitting and extra adherence to your boot.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our “How to” Series!

Cuffz! Add a Glamorous Touch to Your Cast or Walking Boot Cover

Cuffz! shown in "Sun Valley" and "Pinked"

Cuffz! shown in “Sun Valley” and “Pinked”

CastCoverZ! Cuffz! are the perfect addition to dress up the look of your orthopedic injury. Whether you’re wearing a cast, brace, splint, or boot, add a glamorous touch with Cuffz! super soft faux fur wraps, which look great topping off your Armz!, Handz!, Bootz!, or Legz! cast cover. Not only are they oh-so-fashionable, they are adjustable and easy to take on and off, too!

Cuffz! for our Bootz! orthotic walking boot covers were such a huge hit in ski resorts, we couldn’t resist offering them to you! Whether you’re stuck in the lodge while everyone else is skiing or simply walking around town in your boot, do it in style! We have customers ordering a second Cuffz! to match the winter boot on their other foot, too. CUTE!!! Our customers come up with the BEST ideas!