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The Accidental Entrepreneur

Owner & founder of CastCoverz!, Annette Giacomazzi, started out just like any other empathetic mom… wanting to make her daughter’s 6th broken bone a little more bearable. Annette began creating cute & fun covers for Elli’s casts, which quickly evolved into slings, seasonally themed cast covers– you name it! The ideas just kept coming!  Friends and family are supposed to “ooh” and “aah” and be supportive of an injured child or a mom with an idea.  But, it’s when strangers stopped them on the street that Annette had her “AHA!” moment and CastCoverz! was born.

First, Annette’s family contributed as the hands and feet of the business, out of their home.  The first employees even worked out of their home!  Eventually, CastCoverz! expanded to a warehouse that required a full team of sewists, shippers and customer service gems! Having found a unique niche in the orthopedic retail market, Annette created a flourishing business.

Fast forward 13 years, CastCoverz! is now the largest online retailer for orthopedic products and has earned its title by providing fun & functional products to comfort orthopedic patients. We are proud to have served hundreds of thousands of customers and retailers around the world.

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Breaking Barriers: Ultimate Workout & Recovery Offers Adaptive Exercise

A broken bone, a fun and functional cast cover, and… you’re still able to workout?! As with any injury, CastCoverz! customers know that rest and recovery are KEY ingredients for proper healing.  But, this puts active lifestyles on the back burner. Wobbling around the gym on crutches, a boot, or trying to lift a weight with one arm in a sling isn’t what the doctor ordered or the team at CastCoverz!  So, what do you do while your limbs are limping?  And how do you maintain muscle strength for the rest of your body while you’re recovering?  There is a NEW and intriguing innovation for those who are limited by injuries facing serious rehabilitation or have adaptive exercise needs.  Introducing, the Ultimate Workout and Recovery adaptive exercise system designed for the injured in mind:

Ultimate Workout & Recovery is a cutting edge technology that provides adaptive exercise and strength training for those who face these injury-related limitations or have adaptive exercise needs. The company offers several different devices that can be assembled around a bed, recliner or wheelchair, living up to its name as “The Complete Exercise and Convenience Gym.” The apparatus is a unique tool to aid both in rehabilitation and muscle atrophy prevention.  As you can imagine, a body at rest slowly loses strength, endurance, and flexibility. The series of resistance bands that accompany the system help to strengthen and maintain overall muscle function. To learn more visit


The Best Medical Advice Apps From Techlicious

Have you ever needed medical advice, but dreaded spending time in the doctor’s office or urgent care because you’re not sure your illness constitutes the trouble? Techlicious has come up with “The Best Medical Advice Apps” to help you determine if a doctor’s visit is necessarily in order.


Before you download the Urgent Care, Health Tap, or First Aid by American Red Cross apps recommended by Techlicious, check with your insurance carrier to see if they have any of their own nurse hotline apps to assist you, as part of your coverage. And, as always, if it’s an emergency, call 911 or head straight to your emergency room.

Have Style and Enjoy Comfort with CastCoverZ!

We LOVE to hear what our customers are saying about our products AND customer service, and we sure do appreciate the time taken to email, share on Facebook, or blog about CastCoverZ! and how our products have comforted orthopedic patients.

Our most recent review was done by one of our customers and fashion blogger, Alison Gary, and was featured on her blog, Wardrobe Oxygen Personal Style by Alison Gary, which provides real-world fashion advice for all women, regardless of age, figure, lifestyle, or budget.

Classic Cheetah Alison GaryIn Alison’s “All the Newness!” post, she shares her personal experience of  breaking her arm and her recovery.  She speaks about CastCoverZ! glowingly, “They’re so much fun and especially nice now that my cast is at the dingy grody stage…CastCoverZ! also sells items to make your healing process more comfortable, crutch accessories, mitts and boots for snow and cold weather, waterproof covers, and this genius item called a CastCooler…it cools and dries your cast and feels aaaahhhh-mazing!”  Our favorite part is, “Best thing about CastCoverZ! is the service – quick shipping and each order comes with a sweet personalized handwritten note.”

To read her review in full and for fabulous fashion advice, check out her blog, Wardrobe Oxygen Personal Style by Alison Gary!  Feel Better, Heal Better with CastCoverZ!