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Not every broken bone needs a cast

Submitted by Annette d. Giacomazzi, Owner and Founder of CastCoverz!™, America’s #1 trusted brand of orthopedic covers and accessories. Annette’s daughter, Elli, was the inspiration for CastCoverz! when she suffered her 6th broken bone, at the age of 10.  Read more about

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How to Know if a Bone is Broken in Children

Most everyone I know has either fractured a bone or knows someone who has!  The term “fracture” may sound serious, but it is just another term for a broken bone.  Fact is, broken bones are very common, especially in childhood.

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Tuezday Trauma – Most Notable Sports Injuries

In Hockey: Minnesota Wild right wing Dany Heatley will miss the rest of the regular season and the playoffs following surgery on his left shoulder.  Heatley was hurt when a fight broke out between he and another player in the

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Wounded Wednezday Report

Here are your most recent, most notable broken bones and torn ligaments in the sports world over the past few weeks… In Football: Matt Ryan Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan sprained his left shoulder in the last minutes of the

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CastCoverz! creates fun and functional fashions for casts, braces, splints, and boots. Our products, our service, and our blog help people feel better, so they heal better. We'd love your comments, cast cover stories, broken bone stories, and cast tips!

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