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Being Safe During Halloween – Halloween Safety Tips

Like you, I always wanted my children to enjoy Halloween, but I worried about their safety.  Even more so if your child has sustained an injury.  FUN (?) FACT: CastCoverz! was created because of a broken bone my then 10 year

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What to Wear While On Crutches

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches If you’ve had surgery or injured yourself and you’re in the non-weight bearing status and on crutches, you are likely struggling with a lot of things on a daily basis. Of course, you are wondering

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How to Stay Cool During the Summer on Crutches

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches The summer heat can make anyone miserable, but if you have to spend it on crutches, you are worse off than ever before. Having your injured foot or ankle in a walking boot or cast

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5 Extra Items to Pack for Vacation When Non-Weight Bearing

Guest Post by Goodbye Crutches When you are packing for your family vacation, you have a lot on your mind.  You have to think of anything and everything you and everyone else going will need for your time away.  Add

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