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Orthopedic Walking Boot Covers for Snow, Rain, and Sand

If you’re in an orthopedic walking boot, don’t let rain, sleet, snow or sand stop you from getting around. At CastCoverz!® we’ve got products that will protect your boot AND keep your toes clean and dry or toasty warm in

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Care Instructions for Your Walking Boot and Arm or Leg Cast Covers

You’ve been wearing your Bootz! walking boot cover, Armz!, or Legz! cast covers and it’s time to freshen them up. Caring for your CastCoverZ! products is simple to do! Our boot, brace, splint, and cast covers are made of Lycra®/spandex (think

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How to Put Your BootGuardz! Orthotic Walking Boot Cover On

Part 1 of our “How to” Series: Here are 3 easy steps to put on your CastCoverZ! BootGuardz! cover, which is designed to protect your orthopedic walking boot, boot liner, and toes from the rain & snow (should you be

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Cuffz! Add a Glamorous Touch to Your Cast or Walking Boot Cover

CastCoverZ! Cuffz! are the perfect addition to dress up the look of your orthopedic injury. Whether you’re wearing a cast, brace, splint, or boot, add a glamorous touch with Cuffz! super soft faux fur wraps, which look great topping off

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